Sunday, 21 December 2008


I know, I know!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry!! I've been a bad journaler!! Really bad! Smack my wrists! Tell me off! I deserve it!

To tell the truth I have been busy playing on my DS again lately! Been playing Animal Crossing again, forgot what a lovely game that is! Really enjoying it too!! hee hee.

I have been quite poorly with my back - my sleep is coming back a little. I'm managing about 4-5 hours sleep!! yay!!!! One day I might even sleep all night!!! You never know!!

Well I'm giving up the cleaning jobs and I have got myself a full-time job!! Yikes!!! I phoned up an agency to see if they had any work and they rang me the other day with a job!!! I didn't expect it! You know when you just do things to look like your doing something then it comes right back at you and hits you! Well I will be working for the Child Support Agency! It will be data entry - easy stuff. I will be working for the agency. It's for 3 months! But its 8.30am to 5.30pm, Mon-Friday!! Crikey, I wont have time to think! I will have to be organise, ME!!! Organised! I can't even organise a piss up in a brewery! Hee hee! Whoops is that swearing! I start on the 5th January! Wish me luck people! I will need you all when I start! I will need advise and organisation skills - so start sending me tips now please!!! xx

We had a lovely day at my Mum and Dad's today. We had our Christmas day with them. We had our pressies, we did!! They bought John and I a lovely saucepan set, really expensive good one! I'm really pleased with it. All ready now to cook my dinner on Christmas day.

Phew, right Im gonna go see if I can go read some of your journals.

Thank you so much to all of you who have sent me a card in the post! How lovely to receive them! Thank you so so much! I really do appreciate it!

Love Laine xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Hello everyone

Hi everyone - Im just popping in to say hi. I have so much work to do! I keep putting it off and doing other things. I really can't get motivated. My back is easing off a bit. I'm so scared that it might trigger off again though so Im careful what I do. I've not had any work for a whole week - probably a good thing if my back is weak. I'm still not sleeping very well at night. So last night I went to bed really really late - that seemed to do the trick. I will try and read your journals later - I need to catch up with you all. I have masses of Science revision to do! The exams are on 15th and 19th January! Not long now!

Where is the time going? I am no where near ready for Christmas! Will have to get my act into gear and get on with it! I am cooking dinner this year so I need to get more than just pressies - got to get all the food too!! We are on our second tin of Roses already!! Didnt think they would stay in the cupboard til Christmas! hee hee!! Oh well!

My friend, who I used to go to college with, has started a blog. Please dear friends go visit her and give her a lovely welcome. She is a lovely girl and a fantastic artist.


Love Laine xxxx

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Break from Blogger

Just to let you all know I'm having a break from blogger for a while. I will be reading yours now and then - but I've got so much revision to do for Science that I really must get on with it. Once I start reading journals I get lost in them and then don't have time to revise. My final exams are on 15th January and 19th January so I really have to study lots before then. I just wanted you all to know that I'm not ignoring you all and I will try to pop in from time to time.

I have had an awful time the last 8 days. I have been in pain constantly. My foot is really bad with the sciatica at the moment. I just can't find a way to relieve it. It never used to bother me during the day but this week it has. Normally I just get the irritation and pain at night and just mild irritation during the day. It feel like someone has a red hot poker and they are constantly drawing circles in my foot. Its hard to explain really. I suppose I will have to go back to the Doctor, which I am dreading because last time they pulled me about and gave me allsorts of treatment, the worst being the epidural, and then said there was nothing they could do.

I ended up crying today as I've just had enough of this pain. I'm also very very tired as I have not slept properly for over 8 days now which is worse than Im used to. I have been going to bed at 2am because there is absolutely no point going to bed until I am very very very tired! Last night I got 5 hours sleep - the most I've had in ages. I was so relieved to be able to sleep soundly at last. I will ring the doctor tomorrow and try get an appointment - I've got to sort this out once and for all as it is making me so miserable.

Right I best get on with the revising!!!
Laine xxx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Poppy and Oscar

Had to share with you Poppy and Oscar who are now great mates!!!