Saturday, 21 February 2009

Normal Service will Resume Shortly.

Sorry - not good journaler at the mo.

Full-time job coming to end soon! Start at Crowhurst again on 9th March! Will only be working 13 hours - that is more human like! Then I will be back blogging - I promise!!! I do!

Had car crash on Wednesday - poor car a write off! Very sad about it but it is only metal! Going out to find another car now! Hate not having a car! Got to rely on other people - dont like doing that!

Anyway, just thought I would pop in and let you know I am still alive! When I am part-time again I will be back!

Laine xxxxx

Friday, 13 February 2009


The one night I decide to come back and try catch up with journals, the flippin AOL decides to go up the wall!! I went mad!! I looked at everything, the settings on my Internet Explorer, my router, my firewall settings - I defragged and I deleted temp internet files. I turned puter off, turned router off!!! Nearly threw it all in the garden!!!! Then it all suddenly came back again - never ever crossed my mind that it was actually AOL!!!!! Grrrrrrrr I forget I still got them!!! I don't use the software anymore but they still are my ISP!!! grrrrrrrrrrr again!!!

Hope you are all ok!! Bet you all forgot about me!! Alot of you I see on facebook which is really nice! I set up a group there for us journalers and Im so glad to see alot of you are using it! Really great to know that I made something useful!

I still don't like work! Pah!!! But Im getting there. Its temporary and its work - it pays the bills! I was off a couple of days this week - I was quite poorly - very very tired and headache and upset tummy.

Im still waiting to see if Crowhurst will have me back or not!!! The office manager really needs me but she is trying to convince her manager!!

It's my Dad's birthday today!!! Bless him!! Happy birthday Dad!

Valentine's day tomorrow! John and I had our Valentine's weekend away last weekend - we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was lovely. Have a look at my photos if you are on facebook. If you cant access facebook then let me know and I will post them on here next time!

The reason I havent been posting lately is that I am on a computer all day at work 8.36-5.00 everyday and when I get home I really dont want to be on the puter again! I flick onto facebook on my ipod touch and that doesnt feel like being on a computer - bit different!

Oh, you remember my friend Shelley. Well she is no longer my friend. She said that I was acting like a drama queen as I was moaning that I didnt like working full-time! She said 'I shouldn't be such a drama queen and WORK for a living! Well that's it! She then deleted me from her facebook! Saved me deleting her didnt it!!! 7 years of friendship deleted! Oh well.

Anway, I must go! Im sure there was other things I needed to say to you!

Laine xxxxx

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Monday

The kids are having a fantastic time today! Playing snowball fights, building snowmen and building the most fantastic snowball!!! Its brilliant to see them having fun! They cheered so loud this morning when the radio announced their school closed!! yay!!! I decided not to walk to work, its very slippery out there. My car cannot move anyway as I the battery is dead. One slip and my back would put me out of work for months so its not worth risking it.

Our heating is playing up!!! I just hope it doesnt go wrong now! We have a log fire burning though but not many logs left! OOOOOH I will stay in bed if it gets too cold!

My work situation at the moment is that I hate, absolutely hate working full time! I hate not being there for the kids. I know they are older now and don't need me so much, but I miss picking Joe up and his lovely little smile as he runs towards my car. He is only 13! A so-called friend of mine asked me the other day how I was doing at work. Remember Shelley with the Merc!! Hmmm well why I talk to her I dont know! She asked me how I was getting on and I said that I didnt like being full time and she couldnt understand why when I explained about the kids etc. (remember she has no kids and does not want kids). Her reply was 'Welcome to the real world!'. I was not happy, I felt hurt in fact! She does not have a clue! Still I won't be putting myself out to be friends with her again. That comment was hurtful.

I did hear from my old boss at Crowhurst Park last week. She said would I be interested in coming back there for 20 hours a week, It would be Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, Friday mornings and Sunday ten til four. I was a bit worried about doing Sundays but I was always used to working on a Saturday before. And, it will be so much better than working where I am!!! Crowhurst is a beautiful place to work and is a lovely job!!!! So I have agreed and I feel so much better now. I have just got to wait for it to be ok'd with the higher bosses there.

John and I have a hotel booked for next weekend. My boys are going away with their Dad so I have booked a hotel for the Saturday night at Stratford-upon-Avon. Im so excited!!!! We can see where Shakespeare lived and we can visit Warwick Castle. It will be very romantic, I cant wait!! Check out the link - it looks gorgeous!!!

My boys Dad has been mucking about with maintenance again. Really infuriating! He is behind with payments by two months now. He just went on holiday to Egypt and before he went he said that he had paid me but of course while he was gone I realised he had been lying! It is so annoying as I rely on getting the money and when it does not come in it really mucks up my finances big time - not only that the boys need things and their Dad is supposed to provide for them. The worse thing is that he promised Sam that he would pay for his guitar lessons and I have ended up paying for them as he said he cant afford to pay it yet! Great! So without maintenance I have had to subsidise his promise too! I have now applied for attachement of earnings and put an enforcement upon him for payment. Dont like having to do it but needs must!

I hope you are all keeping warm in this cold weather xxxxxxxxxx