Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh what a day!!!

Hey everyone!! Im doing a hen tree - I am coz Sara said I shud!

I got me a new job today!!! Yay I did!! A beautiful lil country village school and they want me!! Me!!!! Whoooooo! Im so pleased!

I had the interview this morning - first of all two lovely children took me round on a tour of the school - I so enjoyed it. They were fantastic kids! Then I had to sit with a group of children, one being the little boy I will be supporting and we did an activity together for about ten minutes! The little boy that I will be working with tried to give me a kiss when I left him!! AWWWWW!!
Then I had the interview, lots of questions to answer and I was able to answer them all! I was so so nervous though and my mouth went dry. They kindly had water readily available - I thought that was nice - never known that before at an interview - coz your mouth does go dry with nerves!

It's such a lovely school - it's a teacher's dream of a school! It's only got about 20 children in each class and only has four classes! Its a very old victorian school and it is run by Church of England and the lovely church is just opposite the school. The school hall is the village community hall! It's just so lovely!

I know the teacher too! She is really lovely and I worked with her at Robsack Wood - and my boys had her as a teacher when they were little - they love her too! She said I was her first choice and that she has never seen little Callum try to kiss anyone before - she said that he has chosen me too!

I will be looking after two little boys - I didnt meet the other boy - he has autism, Callum has speech and language, communication problems. Awwwww he was lovely. Im so so pleased! I am, I am!!!

Oh, and I have a new hair do!!!!

Laine xxxxx