Friday, 15 May 2009


It's ages since I posted in here! I wonder if anyone is still here? Are you here? I know that you might be! I feel the journal thing is like going by the by. Im certainly not posting as much as I did. Over a month since I last posted.

In the time I've been away my Mum has had cancer in her colon and that nasty cancer has been taken away! She had her operation last week and it was the size of an apple! She is on the mend now and recovering really well. Its a wonder what they can do now and that this cancer was found in time before it spread! They assure us that there is no more cancer left. phew!

I think facebook is the culprit. I spend alot of time on facebook and hence why I dont come in here anymore.

Ive got a new laptop! It's shiny and new it is! Im still having trouble getting used to it though! Its a Dell Inspiron and it's cherry red!! Gawjuss!!! It's bloomin vista though! Im used to xp and I miss my xp!! I dont like this vista, it keeps doing things that I dont know what its doing kind of thing!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Laine x