Thursday, 5 April 2012


Things have got a bit easier with Patrick. He's decided that I'm his best friend again, since I've let him look at Scania lorries on my iPad, of course, we do watch them together and I do have to tell him over and over one hundred and twenty thousand times that that's a s good lorry and thats a scania, I don't mind that at all as that's good Patrick time! We had social workers here today about the possible long term placement of a ten year old girl. Oooooh!!! A girl! The meeting went well, although a little shaky at first as they weren't given the full picture of our situation, bit hard to explain, but anyway it went well in the end and they have asked us for a second meeting. It will be a planned placement. Next time they will bring a video of her telling us what she likes, dislikes etc. Then we have to be put before a panel, then if we pass that we can go and meet her. Then she comes to meet us for an afternoon, then she comes for a day, then weekend, etc. soooo exiting, but nervous too, I case it doesn't work out! Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Thank you all for your comments. They help! I do feel a bit better today. I had a lovely long chat on the phone to Lou Lou last night! Patrick was pleased to see me when I got up. He's in a better mood! He's helping John decorate! Ooooh it's April Fools!! What can I get up to???