Thursday, 20 May 2010


This picture is of the garden we have at our school. The older children get to play in it in the morning and the younger children, who Im with, get to play in it at lunch time. I was standing in the staff room today, looking out the window, having my cup of tea, and though, oooh I will take a photo of the lovely garden and show my bloggy peoples! Do you see our willow man and our willow dragon? Lovely willow making peoples came in and did this with the children. Its a very special place. I will try take some more pics of our school to show you again soon.

John is still waiting to find out if he definately has a job or not. They have made him an offer but they havent confirmed every detail yet.

My back is still giving me trouble and Im rather fed up with it now! hmmmph! I didnt sleep very well last night. I was up at 2am and fell asleep rather awkwardely (oooh how do you spell that?) on the sofa! That does not help the back situation when I fall asleep like that. Amazing how then when you go lay back in bed, ping! your eyes are wide open again! Grrrrr

Sports day at school tomorrow, well its not at the school, its being held at the village recreation ground. The school doesnt have a field big enough, well the school doesnt have a field! It starts at 9.30 and the parents will bring all the children so we just have to turn up there. Then at lunchtime the children go with their parents for a picnic and we get to go home! So an early day for me! yay!

Im really excited! John and I have decided, after a long, long time of thinking about it, that we would like to be foster parents. We have made investigations and have applied to an agency. It takes about six months before you can be accepted and take on foster children. We might even decide not to do it. We need to find out alot about it, meet our social worker, do training etc., etc., It also means that I will have to give up work. I have thought long and hard about this. I get very frustrated at work because I am restricted by school rules and politics. When I think to myself, oooh my child with autism needs to have a five minute run with me out in the playground, it has to stay as a thought, I can't decide to do things like that, I should be able to, I am his INA, I am with him everyday. But, it's never possible for me to do the things that I know he wants to do, that I know will help him. They wont let me treat him differently because he has to fit in! I frustrates me immensely! There is so much that frustrates me! I also hate the clicky ness of the staff. I have been there since October and I still feel that I dont really fit in, I fit in with the kids. The kids love me! In fact today I had nearly the whole school on the playground doing sticker books with me. Theyve all started bringing sticker books in and the idea is to trade stickers. They kept saying to me, Mrs Sayers why dont you bring a book in, so I did!! In fact, I actually really love my sticker book! hee hee!! I dont think the other staff like it. Its hard to explain, I love my job, I would love it even better if it was just me and the kids, we can do without adults!

Anyway, Im gonna go now coz Ive said loads and your probably very bored now.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I love my man very muchly! :0)

Monday, 17 May 2010


This weekend John took me away. It was lovely. We took Oscar. Just one night but it was just so nice to chill out. Here are some pictures;

This is the hotel, it was a lovely hotel right on The River Thames, its called The Shillingford Bridge Hotel,

This was our room, No. 50! I liked our room! It was like a little apartment really. We had a lovely view across to the river.

This is the view we had. It was so peaceful and lovely! Oscar loved it too!

Here he is, my lovely Oscar. He was such a good boy. I cant believe how well he settle in to a place. After only being there a few hours he knew the way back to our room. On the last day, after we checked out, we were trying to get Oscar into the back of the car and he was trying to pull us back up the steps to our room, awwwwwwwwwwww!!! He didnt want to go! Nor did we!

One night isnt really enough but its better than none! It was so so nice to get away, just the three of us. John, me and that lovely doggy. Its so good to find hotels that take doggies!

This is John on the boardwalk which led to a Lock at Henley. Oscar was not liking this bridge! He was sooooo scared he was shaking. After John and I had done this walk along The Thames we sat outside a lovely pub and had lunch. It was lovely and sunny and warm but as soon as I mentioned it on my Facebook status it started to rain! Typical! But it was rather nice sitting snuggled up under the umbrella.

I'll post again tomorrow. I'm in a good mood again after looking back on my weekend pics. So Im not going to spoil by telling you about today. Ill save that for tomorrow.

Laine xxxxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Still in pain! When will the pain go? Not happy about that! I really thought that it would all go away! Silly me! Its still early though, Its a week today that I had the injections.

Its a year today that my mum had her operation to remove the cancer from her bowel. She goes for a CT scan next week to make sure there are no more cancers! Its good that they keep such a close eye on people when they have had cancer. I just hope and pray they dont find anything.

The kids as school today were a bit hardwork! There seemed to be incident after incident! It was hard going! But you deal with it. You start to wonder why you are doing the job then a little one will turn round and make you smile. Such little things make me smile, watching a four year old being able to skip for the first time, watching a four year old do her zip up on her own for the first time, helping an 10 year old understand the question on their test paper, hearing a four year old say; "I'm drunk Mrs Sayers!". Or "Mrs Sayers my guinea pigs keep humping each other, they do it every day!" Oh, the innocence of childhood. How lucky am I to have the privilege to work with these wonderful children. Even when they are fighting! GRRRR LOL.

I went to see my god-daughter this evening. It was her birthday last Friday. I visited her on her birthday, of course, but her present was delayed in the post so I delivered it to her tonight. Its a heart shape pin board for her bedroom, its covered in pink gingham and pink elastic so she can put all her photos and stuff on it. She was so pleased and I got to have lots of cuddles with her. It was a really nice evening spent with her and her mummy. The three of us did window shopping on the internet looking at lovely dresses and girly things! Thats nice for me as I live in a house full of boys!

Church tomorrow morning. I love going to church on a Wednesday morning with the children. Such a beautiful pretty church and the children are always so good.

John should hopefully get a job offer through the post by Friday. Fingers crossed that the salary is ok! He is enjoying not working at the moment. Lots of jobs to do round the house. If he accepts the new job he will have to start straight away so he is making the most of freedom!

Right time to get ready for bed and go read my book.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Well it was back to work today for me. It felt strange. I had to get my school head back on, that always takes a while. It was lovely to see the children again. The little boy I look after who has autism said to me, 'you've been away a long time Mrs Sayers'. He said it in a very thoughtful way. He gave me a big smile when he saw me so I think he missed me! That made me smile!

The T.A. who works in the class never said one word to me today. Not one! I've tried to be friendly but Im not going to try anymore. She isnt nasty to me, she just doesnt talk to me unless she has to. On rare occasions she might speak to me but this is very rare. I dont let it bother me at all. I really, really dont want her to be friendly if she doesnt like me. I'd rather she just stays as she is. Ive learnt so much through the years. What once used to bother, bothers me no more! Its a good feeling actually.

John and I have just come back from a beautiful walk in our lovely park. We sat in the sun for ages. We met so many people with their doggies. I love meeting people and discussing doggy antics.

Anyone watching Over the Rainbow? Im totally hooked! I cry every week when the girl who is not going to be Dorothy flies off on the moon! Awwwwww!

Anyway, I must go and sort tea out. Hope you are all well.

Update on my back. No improvement as yet! :(

Laine xxxx

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well I still have no affect from those injections! Time will tell I spose! Im feeling better though. Not so tired. I had quite a funny week, wierd funny, because of the hospital and feeling so tired. Because of John's job. Bleh to that week - tis gone now! Welcome new week! :0)

New week I go back to work. New week I see if the injections have worked or not! New week Im gonna smile alot and not be a misery and try not to be tired!

John and I are off to Eastbourne tomorrow for shopping. I have lost alot of weight lately - 18 pounds infact! Whoooooo!!! So now I can fit into a 12, I used to be a 16! Thats UK 12 by the way! I say it again, UK12!!! hee hee!!! Anyways, I need to lose another 6 pounds coz the 12, even though it fits, is a little tight. Im inbetween! A 14 is far too big! So Ive got to not eat any galaxy or be tempted to put galaxy into my banana sandwiches and then toast them! ;0) John has decided we have takeaway tonight! Hmmmm not good! But I will just eat what I want and not go over the top. A little naughtiness is ok!

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I do love to see them and they do mean alot to me.

So John is now out of work. How strange does that feel. At the moment it feels no different, plus he still gets a wage at the end of this month. He is waiting a job offer through the post from another company, but they are beginning to worry us as they are so slap dash and never ring back when John calls.

My Sammy Sam has got into Sixth Form! So proud of him! We went for the interview just before my hospital thing, cant remember when now! But Im sure I havent told you all about it. Anyway, he wasnt happy with his place at Bexhill College and the course he wanted at Hastings brand new shiny college isnt being run! tut tut! So we rang William Parker Sports College, who have a fabby little sixth form, and Sam had an interview and he has got in unconditionally!!! He is so so happy! He is going to do a Diploma in Music Technology, ICT A Level, Media and Sports. One happy Sam!!! Phew!

Sam and Joe both passed their guitar exams. Sam Grade 3 and Joe grade 4. Im giving them a rest for a bit and they will start again in September. Sam might even be able to do some grades at college.

Have a lovely weekend and I will write again soon.
Laine xxxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hospital over with!

Phew! Hospital over with! Thank goodness! I was such a wimp! I was so so nervous, I cannot tell you how much!

John and I arrived at the hospital at about 8.00am, I was seen about 9.00am. John left me as I was taken through to theatre. First of all I was with the anaethatist (dont ask me to spell that one!). Anyway, he took five times to get a line in my hand! I was in a right state! It really, really hurt! They were pushing and prodding and pulling and my poor hand was hurting! They said they could not get any blood to come out. I was crying by the time they had finished. There was me worried about the actual procedure and that was the worst bit!

I was then wheeled in to the operating theatre, blubbing like a baby. The nurse was so kind she held my hand until I fell asleep. I had to go on my front. They had an x-ray machine and thats the last word I heard. I then came to in the recovery. The first thing I looked at was my hand! It bloomin hurt! Least it took my attention off my back. When they were happy with my recovery they wheeled my bed into the ward. Whilst on the ward they checked my blood pressure and stuff and once I had eaten some toast, had a cup of tea and had a wee I was allowed home. Im so glad its over.

I feel groggy still. Well very tired. Thats the anaesthetic. Im not allowed to drive for 48 hours. So Im not going back to school til next Monday. My boss was ok with that. Gives me time to recover. My back is sore where they did the injections and my legs feel heavy and ache alot. I dont feel any improvement to my sciatica yet! Im hoping that the injections do work! After going through all that!

Anyway, on a brighter note. I have me a brand new shiny laptop. At the weekend John said I should treat myself! He did help me out with the money a bit. Joe's laptop was really, really old and he did need a new one. So John said why dont I buy one and he have mine coz I had only had it a year. My old one was a Dell Inspiron and I never really got fond of it. Joe, on the other hand, loves it! I didnt like its keyboard or the way the mouse worked. I now have a Sony E Series, in white! LOL Its rather nice and the keyboard is fab! I love the mouse pad too. Im not sure about Windows 7 though! I really wish I could afford a Mac. Maybe that will be my next purchase when Sam needs a new laptop. I think my kids are very spoilt! But it means I gets the new one! hee hee!!!

I was going to go round visiting all your blogs tonight as I havent for so long. Im feeling very tired now. Its time for bed said Zebedee!!! xxxxxxx