Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bejewelled Tuesday!

Firstly, I have a bone to pick with a certain Sara Sara, where are you Sara Sara? Now come on out behind that comfy chair!! Come on! You know what you has done dont you! Well she has only gone and beaten my top score in Bejewelled!!! So Sara Sara your not allowed to play it anymore, ok? Just til I gets to beat your score anyways LOL!!! Im only jealous!!! hee hee

Has anyone read any of James Patterson's books. Im thinking of getting his new one. Can't remember what its called though, 8th Confessions or something like that. Saw it advertised in London today.

Yes, the boys and I went up to London today for their check up at the London College Hospital. Sam is doing amazingly well and has grown 12cms in the last year! Joe's growth has slowed down a bit so they are going to sort out a new dose for him. They both had to have bloods done and were brave as usual! They kinda used to it by now. Joe's been having bloods and tests all his life! But he still gets scared - dont blame him though.

After the hospital we went to Covent Garden - it was really buzzing there! I dont like the crowds though - the people get on my nerves. Im forever scowling at people for being so rude! I dont do crowds! And nobody smiles anymore!! The best bit of Covent Garden was the street entertainers, there everyone is smiling - they are brilliant. Sam and Joe loved them. Then we walked down to Trafalgar Square and then to Charing Cross where we got our train. I really know that part of London now quite well so can get myself around easily. Sam wanted to go to the Science museum but Joe didnt. So Im going to take Sam up there another day, just the two of us.

I need you all to send me your email addresses in readiness for me going private. My email is elainey2465@aol.com. Most of you know that already but just in case some dont. I think I do need your email to add you to my private list. I will go private in a bout a week's time.

Laine xxxx

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Hello everyone, now how was your weekend. I know Sara Sara would have had a good one!! hee hee!! How about the rest of you?

I worked yesterday til five. It was very quiet yesterday, hence why I had time to write in my journal. It's nice when I can do that at work.

Today John was busy - he has decided to build a wall out the front! Don't even ask!!! He still hasnt finished the bathroom he started in July last year yet!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Oh well, enough said on that.

Anyway, I was feeling lonely so I phoned my friend Jane and asked if she was in for a cuppa and a chat. She was! Yay!! I went there at 12.30 (really 11.30 my body thought it was!). Then I had to pick Joe up in town at 2.00 so she and her son came with me. Her son Robert went off to the Sports Direct with Joe and Jane and I mused round the shops looking for craft ideas. We are both quite crafty, hee hee!!! We would both love to start up our own business making toys and stuff!! Awww it would be fab!! As, Hastings is Hastings, there wasnt much open and not much crafty stuff about. So we went into our ever favourite Waterstones and looked at the craft books. There is sooooooooooo much craft stuff to choose from!!! All this needlework stuff and making stuff made me yearn for a sewing machine again. Anyway, I gets home and tells John and he said why not buy one!! yay!!!! This is what I have in mind - so need your advice on which one is best - I dont have a big budget only want to spend about £150. It's a Brother ES2020 and it comes with lots of bits - click on the pic and see what you think!!!


Saturday, 28 March 2009


Does anyone know what the monetise button thingy does on the Dashboard!! OOOH does it mean that your blog will be like a Monet painting if you press it? Hee hee!!!

I haven't gotten around to privatising my blog yet but I will do. When I have time.

I am at work today and we are very bored as it is very quiet - but then suddenly it can go quite busy. I have been here since nine and I finish at five. Its only 2.30 now! The time seems to be going quite slowly here today!!

I felt quite poorly last night. Dont know if it was trapped wind or my IBS or what. But the pain was incredible. I was doubled over with it and didnt know what to do. Did I sit on the loo, did I lay down, did I walk about! I really didn't know what was best. In the end I just went to bed and rubbed my tummy til it calmed down. I think there was a fight going on in there - a really fisty cuffs fight and they must have been using knifes as well coz it did hurt lots!!!! Anyway those aliens seem to have gone out of my tummy today and its not so bad! Naughty aliens!

Sam and Joe had their guitar exams this morning. I phoned them to see how they got on and they said that they felt it was easy! So I hope they passed. I cant afford to send them to the next lot of ten lessons. So I am going to save up for them to start again in September. I really want them to be able to do what they love doing!

I might make a little bed under my desk in a minute and curl up and go to sleep! Do you think anyone would notice? hmmmm now where is the blanket?

Monday, 23 March 2009


Hmmmm I don't even know how to start today. This is probably going to go into a right load of waffle. I feel a bit wierd. I can't even put my finger on how I feel - just wierd! I'm thinking of making my journal private and choosing my readers. Only because I don't really get time to visit all the people who visit me and I don't want to give up my journal completely either. I also just want to keep it to a few - I'm not making sense am I! I don't even know what Im on about!

My pain has been bad. Very bad - I don't like it. It's so intermittent though. I can go all day with no pain at all and then suddenly it will appear in the evening. I can never work out what I do to make it bad. It's such a wierd thing - there is that word again, wierd, must be my word of the day. Last night was my worst for ages - its like someone has a red hot poker and they are gouging my foot out but like every ten seconds then it goes then it comes back. I took loads of tablets - all they did was make me feel drowsy this morning! If it carries on til the end of the week then I will go back to the Doctor. It's just that last time I was under the hospital they said there was nothing else they could do! I might have to go though as I don't think I can stand much more of it!

Wouldn't it be good to be complete happy. No worries, everything simple, no stress! I'd like to float on a fluffy white cloud and the sun would shine on me and make me feel all nice and warm. I would float past other clouds and I would see Stuart, Sara, Mr B and Joany Joan and they would wave at me. We would have conversations and then just float on again. With no care in the world! Wouldnt that be nice.

Laine xxx
P.S. I saw Marley and Me and I sobbed and sobbed!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Excited but in pain!

Well it's my own fault really. Shouldn't have given in and gone on quad bikes! It's irritated my bulging disc in my back and hence then irritated the nerve. It's not really, really bad but bad enough to be annoying and they sent me home from work as they could see it was annoying me. Well my own fault - I won't be doing anything like that again now will I!!! Grrrr I hate it that my body restricts me doing things that everybody else seems to be able to do with no problem!! By the way all my facebook buddies dont mention my back on facebook my Dad wont be best pleased!!! Thats the trouble with facebook people you dont want to know stuff find out stuff!!

Now I am sort of excited. Well Im very excited actually. What it is John and I decided to book tickets to go see Take That at Wembley. but, we have booked a hotel package as we couldnt get hold of tickets any other way. They are all sold out!! But the hotel packages arent sold out! John was a bit worried about booking as he could lose his job anyday now. I was like well if we dont book it now we never will and life is too short to not do these things! Bit extravagant really! I'm really excited but I then I feel guilty because we can't really afford it. But, John and I both really love Take That and we havent got anything else to look forward to. Anyway on 4th July we will be raving away at the Take That concert in Wembley stadium!!! Can't believe it!!!!!!! I think it is going to be an incredible show! And, the hotel, wow the hotel is The Grosvenor in London!!! whooooooo!! Awwwwww Im glad we have booked it - too much doom and gloom at the moment so it's nice to have something to look forward to!!

Laine xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quad Biking!!!!

Well I did it!! It was absolutely terrifying but I did it! I feel quite proud of myself! I was the slowest and I held everyone up. It was so scary though - I kept thinking I was going to come off all the time! I even refused at one point to go down a really steep hill that led into a big ditch and then you had to come out of the ditch and full throttle up the other side which was very muddy indeed. The guide came and talked me through it and I did it! But I didnt think I would.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hmmmm just got a letter from the school - Sam is not doing enough work for his photography GCSE - how do you motivate 15 year olds! I thought he was ok - he kept bringing a camera home from school - he kept borrowing mine and he assured me he was doing homework. I get a letter today from his tutor to say that he isnt doing enough work and he is very behind!

He is also very behind with other subjects too - I keep on at him all the time. I ask him if he has homework - I can't physically get hold of him and make him do it!

Do I stop him going out? Do I ground him? John says that won't do any good - if he's not motivated he won't do it and he can only help himself - all I can do is encourage him. I think I will ban him from the computer this week - and he is forever texting his friends. That's what 15 year olds do! Why they make them do so many GCSEs so early I dont know! It used to be in the last year of school - now they start them at 14! My Joe starts his next year too! I must say though that my Joe is much more motivated and gets on with things.

I'm worried about Sam - help!!!!!!!!

Laine xxxx

Monday, 16 March 2009


Had a great weekend.

Met up with Emma (step-daughter) yesterday, John, Chris and I. We went to a nice little pub just outside Maidstone. And hour and half it took for food to arrive!! Grrr They did say it would be a long time! But and hour and a half for ploughmans! Grrrrrr

Went to work today. Had a good morning. Heard today that we have to try out quad bikes on Wednesday! We are now having quad bikes and archery and laser quest. I cant wait to try them all out!! You see we cant sell them to our guests unless we have done it ourselves!! yay!!!!!

Oscar had a lovely birthday - he loves his new toy - will try post a pic of it soon before he rips it to shreds!

Im off now to have apple crumble that Joe made at school. Wish me luck!

Laine xxxx

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all visiting me and welcoming me back to Journals.

This week was a really good week. It was good to start back at Crowhurst Park, it was good to start back at Creative Writing and it was good to feel like me again!

Even John and I became alot closer again this week. We had drifted apart a bit just lately. Not in a bad way. I always love him dearly, he always loves me dearly. But we had both been tired, full of colds and stressed with work and our relationship seemed to come last. It's not good when it gets like that. I think he doesnt want me, he thinks I dont want him. Its silly! Why do we do that? Of course we want each other! Still, we had lots of cuddles this week and lots of talking and we are ok again. I think relationships are hard and you have to work on them even when you love each other dearly! We are going to make sure we keep cuddling - nothing like a cuddle to make you feel better!

This morning Im chilling out, reading a new book. It's a real easy going book - a Marian Keyes book - she is really light-hearted, chatty and funny. Sometimes I like reading books like that, the one's that you could almost read it all in one sitting. My brain doesnt have to work too much!

I bought a new game for my DS, Millionheir, I dont think I like it. Well I keep playing it and hoping something different will happen but it doesnt. You have to look for clues to solve a mystery. Its just that! Thats all you do is search for things. I much prefer Professor Layton because that is more challenging for my brain!

My doggy is 7 today!!! Bless him, Happy Birthday Oscar.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I'm happy.

I like my job. Everyone welcomed me back with opened arms.

I can now appreciate how good my job is having worked somewhere else. I think that that is a gift to be able to have the chance to appreciate what you have.

Today is my day off. I am going out for a walk with my dog and my best friend this morning. The sun is shining and I have creative writing class this afternoon.

I feel like I'm back to normal again!

Laine xxxxx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

This time Im back for good.

Hello! Do you remember me? It's been so long!

Marie commented on my blog and asked how I'm doing and I realised that I hadn't been writing for so long now and let you all know what's happening in my life. Well here we go ................

I finished at the CSA on Friday! yay!!! They gave me a lovely send off - a beautiful bouquet of flowers - and they had actually thought about my favourite colours, purples and pinks!! I was really touched as we are all temps and other people have left and had nothing. They really spoilt me. I also got chocolates and an Easter Egg!! I was sad to leave my friends, and some had become good friends, but I was not sad to leave the building or the job.

I go back to my old job tomorrow at Crowhurst Park. I will be a permanent member of staff which I have never been there before. I was always casual. It will be so much better to be permanent and have a proper contract. Much more secure for a start, but then is any job secure these days.

I will only be working 13 hours a week - Mondays 9am-1pm, Tuesdays 1.30pm-5.00pm and Fridays 9am-2pm. I have also got lots of overtime hours too so I will be doing more hours throughout April. Still its a good start and I will be happy there!! I also know they have missed me so I will be welcomed back! Its good when you know your wanted!

My new car - I cant remember if I told you that I had a crash and my poor car was written off. Still I was ok and the insurance has paid out - was very quick! Im now back on the road again wiht my lil red car - here she is and her name is Addy.

I loves my new car.
I hope you are all ok. I will be coming to find out how you all are. I do think of you and never forget you. So Im always here in spirit.
Laine xxx