Monday, 26 January 2009

A long time

OOOOH Its a long time since I posted!

So sorry!

I hope you are all ok and I will try and visit you soon. I'm on a computer all day at work and it's the last thing I want to do when I get in - I'm reading more in the evenings now.

I have finished all my exams and I don't have to study so I read! And I love it!

I'm not really liking this full-time business its meh (as Sara would say) I hope you dont mind me borrowing your meh word Sara Sara! It's just such a long week! No jobs get done at home! It all has to be done at the weekend. I really enjoy my weekends now though!

I'm looking for a part-time job - I would much prefer part-time hours. Then I can be there for my boys!

Anyway Im waffling now and my shoulder is starting to ache from the typing! It aches all day at that bloomin office! meh!

Laine xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Thank you

Thank you all for visiting me, especially when I've been totally rubbish at visiting you! I'm just so so tired when I get in from work, and I've been looking at a computer all day too! So the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at the puter again!

I'm particularly tired today because I didnt sleep very well last night. Cant have a nap during the day now! hmmmph!

The day went quite quick today! I thought it would be slow but I was quite surpised. We are very busy though. We have loads of work to do. I likes being busy!

Anyway, Im off now just wanted to say Hi.

Love Laine xx

Sunday, 11 January 2009

A full time week's work done and Im a working Mum (ooh that ryhmes)

Hello all,

Well I have now completed a whole week full-time for the first time since before I had my kids!

It was a bit wierd at the beginning of the week as we just had to sit and shadow other people whilst we were waiting for our own computers. It was a bit boring doing that! There is nothing like getting stuck in and doing stuff for yourself.

Anyway, on the Wednesday we were put with a young guy named Matt, he is only 22 but lovely! Cindy and I (my new friend :0) ) sat with him and he taught us so much stuff. It was really good! I really enjoyed it! Then on Thursday we had our own desks and computers! We are opposite Matt and another guy called Luke (also in his early twenties). They are fantastic guys - really helpful and so funny. We can banter and chat and still get on with our work. The loud lot are over the overside of the room so that's good! It is a very friendly office, well the part we are in is.

I have made some lovely friends. Cindy, Georgie, Matt, Luke, Martin, Liz and lots of others!

My best friend Carol works there too on a different department and I have been able to see her at lunchtimes and Cindy knows her too so thats good. Cindy, Georgie and I all go to lunch together every day. Georgie is lovely, she is only 20 and she is such a sweet little thing. She is 16 weeks pregnant and I think Cindy and I will mother her! LOL Cindy is older than me she has sons that are in their thirties.

I've got my own batch of work now. Cindy and I are sharing numbers. We have a database and we phone up employers to try and find our clients. Im so happy! I love it!

We were a bit disappointed on Friday though coz I line manager, Reg, (whose name really is Dave! lol) said it would be ok if we worked early and finished early as long as we got all our hours in the week. So we were starting at 8 and finishing at 4, only taking half hour lunch. This was brilliant as I was getting home early and could sort the dinner out early. But, some people on the other team in the other end of the office complained that were were all going early and now Reg said that we have to work our proper hours 8.36 to 5!!! We were all very annoyed about that. Especially the ones that live far away and it means that they get home so late! Also alot of us arrive early anyway because of traffic and bus times. Anyway, Cindy is going to make us a huge chocolate cake to cheer us up tomorrow, I likes Cindy!

My next door neighbour, Mary Jane, works there too and she is quite high up. She came round last night with her hubby and son for a lovely evening of playing Buzz. I chatted to her about my job and she said it sounds like I am getting on well and that I should get on well.

I cant tell you too much about what I do as it is a Government Agency. We do very confidential work. I feel all important lol!

Anyway, off I go before I bore you all. Im sure I will have lots of stories to tell next week.

I have my module 2 science exam on Thursday! So I have the day off work. I've not done any revising as Ive been so tired. oh dear!

Laine xxxxx

Monday, 5 January 2009


I never thought I'd get an entry in today. My phone has been beeping all night! Loads of things going on - it feels like that anyway!

Had my first day at work. If you can call it that! Well we waited til 10am before we were taken to our stations! 8 of us started today and we were put amongst other Manpower workers. (Temps!) All working for the CSA but employed by Manpower. Anyway, they had no desks for us and we couldnt log on to the system. So we each sat with someone all day and watched them work. Well 'work' in the sense that they were supposed to be working but they didnt really do much - they all chatted to us all day! The line manage never even said anything. Now I have been out of the rat race for 16 years now and is this what it has come to!! Crikey when I worked in an office all them years ago you wouldnt say boo to a goose, you kept your head down and when the boss came in, you at least looked busy even if you wasnt!! CRikey am I getting old!!!!!

Anyway, the work itself is mind numbingly boring!! It's just making phones calls all day long and changing stuff on the data base! So should be easy when we eventually get a computer! We didnt get any door passes, or car park passes! So I have to park out on the road tomorrow! hmmph.#

Anyway, to top it all my poor Joe got really poorly tonight. He has a sore throat and a sky high temperature!! I can't believe it! I can't miss my second day at work!!! Anyway, luckily my friend is going to pop in on him at lunchtime. As John is out all day! Only day two and my baby needs me - how can I work fulltime? He is 13 I know but still my baby and poorly! I really dont want to leave him tomorrow. I was considering Sam staying home from school to look after him but I cant do that! grrrrrrrrrrrrr its horrible!!!

Hugs to my Stuart coz he needs them too.

Laine xxx

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all. Hope you are all well and had a good Christmas and a good New Year.

I have been so ill over christmas with a horrible, horrible cold! But it's going now but I still have this very annoying cough and blow my nose all the time!! Surely I can't have anything left inside my head!!

I am starting a full-time job on Monday - I have a job with the agency, Manpower, it's at the C.S.A. in Hastings (Child Support Agency) and its for 3 months. I will be there Mon-Frid all day - eeeeeeeeeek. Not done that for about 16 years!!! So it will be hard! The boys will have to walk to and from school and I will have to get someone to look after Oscar or I will pop home at lunch time. I will miss meeting my friends and having coffees after the school runs but the money will be so welcome. We need me to work full-time now. I can still do a PGCE (teaching cert.) one day! Anyway, this is only temporary! Something might come from it though, you never know!

I will try and come visit you all soon. So sorry.

Laine xxxx