Wednesday, 6 June 2012


So sorry Ive not been blogging for a little while but Ive had so many kids here all the time its unbelievable. Nice though!!

Im happy tonight coz I see that a very very special friend of mine has been helped by another very very special friend of mine. I brought them together and now one is helping the other. It's so lovely to see! I love you both very very much.

We have a little six year old on respite at the moment. She has special needs, a bit like Patrick but not so special needy. Hard to really explain. But she is hardwork!! Goodness!! She is here until Sunday. She's a little madam and says No with such defiance! NEVER seen such defiance! Its quite funny as I just look at her and say yes! Today she had a big tantrum in the park as she didnt want to go home. The best tactic of all was to say to her right ok then you stay here, Laine and John are going! She soon changed her mind then! Arent we mean! LOL

We are still hopefully getting Chloe at the end of August if it all goes well with matching and introductions etc. I dont think I can put a picture of her on here. I'll wait and see. If I go private I will be able to. Might have to do that but then you have to be so careful with Looked After Children.