Friday, 13 February 2009


The one night I decide to come back and try catch up with journals, the flippin AOL decides to go up the wall!! I went mad!! I looked at everything, the settings on my Internet Explorer, my router, my firewall settings - I defragged and I deleted temp internet files. I turned puter off, turned router off!!! Nearly threw it all in the garden!!!! Then it all suddenly came back again - never ever crossed my mind that it was actually AOL!!!!! Grrrrrrrr I forget I still got them!!! I don't use the software anymore but they still are my ISP!!! grrrrrrrrrrr again!!!

Hope you are all ok!! Bet you all forgot about me!! Alot of you I see on facebook which is really nice! I set up a group there for us journalers and Im so glad to see alot of you are using it! Really great to know that I made something useful!

I still don't like work! Pah!!! But Im getting there. Its temporary and its work - it pays the bills! I was off a couple of days this week - I was quite poorly - very very tired and headache and upset tummy.

Im still waiting to see if Crowhurst will have me back or not!!! The office manager really needs me but she is trying to convince her manager!!

It's my Dad's birthday today!!! Bless him!! Happy birthday Dad!

Valentine's day tomorrow! John and I had our Valentine's weekend away last weekend - we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was lovely. Have a look at my photos if you are on facebook. If you cant access facebook then let me know and I will post them on here next time!

The reason I havent been posting lately is that I am on a computer all day at work 8.36-5.00 everyday and when I get home I really dont want to be on the puter again! I flick onto facebook on my ipod touch and that doesnt feel like being on a computer - bit different!

Oh, you remember my friend Shelley. Well she is no longer my friend. She said that I was acting like a drama queen as I was moaning that I didnt like working full-time! She said 'I shouldn't be such a drama queen and WORK for a living! Well that's it! She then deleted me from her facebook! Saved me deleting her didnt it!!! 7 years of friendship deleted! Oh well.

Anway, I must go! Im sure there was other things I needed to say to you!

Laine xxxxx


Celeste said...

OMG how silly. I hate work too. geeze not much a real friend to delete you like that.

Celeste said...

I sent a friend request on facebook

Emmi said...

Let me tell ya, your not alone. I ended up buying a new router, had the DSL modem changed out, plus took all the measures you did. It never occured to me that AOL was so jacked up.

Jenny said...

I have had trouble with pooter and so has my daughter. I think it might have something to do with the microsoft update earlier this week fighting with Java. I had to reinstall java but somethings are still not working that need it. I hate it when it all goes wrong.
Jenny <><

Stuart said...

come and join twitter!

Rose said...

ha ha ha! my kids all joke about getting rid of friends on facebook!! your friend needs to grow up!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope everything is working ok once more with your computer . It is frustrating to say the least. I always say my job is what it is and allows me to do what I couldn't if I wasn't working, so I keep on ... I don't know that many of us love our jobs. It was good to see your entry. 'On Ya'-ma

Tina said...

sounds like your "friend" has her own issues she needs to be dealing with.

take care!!!

mortonlake said...

ive had a bit of trouble with aol,but not too bad,facebook and yearbook do slow your pc down,and be careful what applications you use,i had a virus off one.most are pretty safe,lil green patch,my farm,blue cove,gifts etc.but one or 2 are a suspect.nice to hear from you,dont think your "friend"gonna be missed much hun,take care love mort xx

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, Sent a request through facebook too! Don't use it very much but i'd like to see your photos. Great you're doing ok. What about your exams? Finally you got read of that cow! Well done! Cut the dead branches, I always say. Happy birthday to your dad. Hope he's having agreat time too. Take care. Ciao. Antonella

Connie said...

Hi Lainey-
popped in to say 'Happy Valentines Day" to you and your hubby.
And a 'Happy Birthday' to your dad ,also.
Many Hugs

Sandra said...

See you on Facebook Laine. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dad! :)

LYN said...





Anonymous said...

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