Saturday, 21 February 2009

Normal Service will Resume Shortly.

Sorry - not good journaler at the mo.

Full-time job coming to end soon! Start at Crowhurst again on 9th March! Will only be working 13 hours - that is more human like! Then I will be back blogging - I promise!!! I do!

Had car crash on Wednesday - poor car a write off! Very sad about it but it is only metal! Going out to find another car now! Hate not having a car! Got to rely on other people - dont like doing that!

Anyway, just thought I would pop in and let you know I am still alive! When I am part-time again I will be back!

Laine xxxxx


Sugar said...

take care of YOU.
see ya when you decide it's time to come back.
saying a prayer that all will be well with you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know you will be much happier working part time. Sorry to hear about the crash, but happy that you are ok. Take good care !
'On Ya'-ma

LYN said...

i work 22 hours a week in just 2 about kills me but I love having five days off!!

Sara said...

Poor car :o( Glad that you're ok though m'dear, that's the main thing!

Have missed Lainey Laine, happy to hear that you'll be back soon :o)


mortonlake said...

long as you ok lainey,thats all that matters,tc mort xx

lunarossa said...

Sorry about your car, Laine. I broke down approx six weeks ago but my great mechanic managed to sort it out for a little bit longer! Fortunately you're fine and that's the main issue. I'm looking for another car as well so to avoid another breakdown. Wish you all the best. Ciao. A.

Missie said...

I'm glad you'll be back to posting more on a regular basis again. You've been missed.

Thank god you're okay! You're right, a car can be replaced, but you can't.

I love that new picture of you on your header!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a prison :o)
Are you gonna do time?

Sandra said...

Hi Lainey, I`m so sorry to hear about the car crash, I hope you`re ok? Well done for finding a job with shorter hours, you`ll be much happier now. Take care my dear.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine I am glad you are OK ~ cars can be easily replaced "You can't" hope you find another car soon I like you hate to rely on other people ~ Ally x

Maria said...

Hello, Lainey! Maybe you will be reading your comments even if you don't have time to post.....just stopped by to say hi....and check to see if you got a new car yet..:) Maria