Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Im sad and you are who I turn to. I need to talk to you my lovely journal friends.

Im worried at the moment. Im worried for my Aunty Pat, who is 79 and has just found out that the main arteries to her heart are bad, well one is not good anymore at all and the other is in a really bad state. At 79 the thought of open heart surgery is very scary and because she had deep thrombosis in her legs before the the veins cant be used from her legs. She has not had a lot of luck with heart procedures in the past. The last time they went in through the top of her thigh they ripped the line out and left her with a really bad infection that lasted 6 months. There are a few options for her but she keeps looking at all the negatives. It would be a big thing for her to have open heart surgery and very hard to recover from. The doctor said that he will look at using a vein from her arm or going in through the vein at the top of her leg like last time. She goes back to the surgeon next week to discuss the options. She is my Mum's sister and my mum will go with her.

But, my mum has a worry of her own. She has hidden it from me lately but she has had a colonoscopy or whatever you call it and they have found a growth in her colon. She she will have to have an operation. They say it is treatable. Im worried for both my Mum and my Aunty. My Mum's heart isnt the healthiest of hearts either, she has had angina attacks in the last two years.

Just wanted to share this with you.
Laine xxxxx


lunarossa said...

I'm so sorry, Laine, that you are so sad and worried. Just remember that nowadays there is a lot that can be done even with elderly people. You aunt might not be fit to have surgery, but there might be some medication that she can take to help her. And with regard to your mum, if they say she's got something treatable then it will be. Doctors don't usually delude you with good news! Cheer up and try to be strong for them. Hugs. Ciao. A.

Sugar said...

sending prayers for your aunt & your dear mum.
God bless...

ADB said...

Hi Laine,
Sugar sent me your way via Call for Support. Operations are always scarey, not least if you are at an advanced age. Be reassured though that if the doctors were not entirely confident that your aunt and your mother were fit to go through their ops, they would not operate. Keeping you in thoughts.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be saying some prayers for your aunt and your mother and for you too. 'On Ya'-ma

egtara said...

Sending prayers your way.

mortonlake said...

just had an angio through my groin lainey,it hurts,if they didnt think your aunt was safe,they wouldnt for mum.god if it was mine i would be scared too.but again,dont worry,i am sure she will be fine and in good hands.forget the scare stories,our hospitals still take some my thoughts,take care,love mort xx

Sara said...

So sorry to hear this Laine, of course you will worry hon :o(
((( )))'s from me 'cause my brain isn't working well enough today to know what else to say!

Connie said...

Sending prayers for you all.
Take care of you,too.

Lori said...

I'm so sorry that your mom and aunt are going through this right now. I do hope that all will be well with them. You take care too!