Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bejewelled Tuesday!

Firstly, I have a bone to pick with a certain Sara Sara, where are you Sara Sara? Now come on out behind that comfy chair!! Come on! You know what you has done dont you! Well she has only gone and beaten my top score in Bejewelled!!! So Sara Sara your not allowed to play it anymore, ok? Just til I gets to beat your score anyways LOL!!! Im only jealous!!! hee hee

Has anyone read any of James Patterson's books. Im thinking of getting his new one. Can't remember what its called though, 8th Confessions or something like that. Saw it advertised in London today.

Yes, the boys and I went up to London today for their check up at the London College Hospital. Sam is doing amazingly well and has grown 12cms in the last year! Joe's growth has slowed down a bit so they are going to sort out a new dose for him. They both had to have bloods done and were brave as usual! They kinda used to it by now. Joe's been having bloods and tests all his life! But he still gets scared - dont blame him though.

After the hospital we went to Covent Garden - it was really buzzing there! I dont like the crowds though - the people get on my nerves. Im forever scowling at people for being so rude! I dont do crowds! And nobody smiles anymore!! The best bit of Covent Garden was the street entertainers, there everyone is smiling - they are brilliant. Sam and Joe loved them. Then we walked down to Trafalgar Square and then to Charing Cross where we got our train. I really know that part of London now quite well so can get myself around easily. Sam wanted to go to the Science museum but Joe didnt. So Im going to take Sam up there another day, just the two of us.

I need you all to send me your email addresses in readiness for me going private. My email is elainey2465@aol.com. Most of you know that already but just in case some dont. I think I do need your email to add you to my private list. I will go private in a bout a week's time.

Laine xxxx


Anonymous said...

No Sara is not allowed to play that stupid game.
In fact she is not allowed to play any games anymore. I have banned her.
You hear me lainey?
Stop it! Both of you!

Sara said...

Heee... I have been banned from playing bejeweled 'cause I hurted my hand with all the mouse clicking! And I did staying up until almost 5am playing it the other night... I may have an addictive personality ;o)

Well done your brave boys :o)