Monday, 28 September 2009

Here I am again

Here I am again! Bet you thought I wouldnt come back. Not sure whether to keep blogging or not! But hey whilst Im here pull up a chair and listen to what's happened to me in the last week or two!

Been a bit eventful I must say! Since I last wrote Ive lost my job. Well say lost, I actually resigned. Was a bit of a shock as I have worked for the holiday village, on and off, for about 7 years. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I very stupidly confided in a colleague that I was looking for another job! Never do that! I repeat never do that! Even if you think you know the person really well!! I asked her to swap shifts with me as I had applied to a local school for Specials Needs Assistant and the interviews were to be held on 18th september, a Friday. She works all day on a Thursday and I did Fridays so it was simple we just swapped. Anyway, I didnt get the interview! I never found out until the Thursday so I couldnt swap back. So I took the opportunity to go visit my Mum and Dad. Very silly of me then to put 'looking forward to seeing my mum and dad tomorrow' as my status on facebook!! (oh, and the explanation I gave to my boss for swapping shifts was that I had to take boys up to London!)

Anyway, we gets to Monday and Im called in to the office to discuss my hours! Anyway, my boss asks me about Friday. Where were you really as if you swap shifts with someone you should be truthful as to why or they wont do it again! So I said I took boys to London then went to see my Mum and Dad. My boss said well it doesnt fit as lots of people saying you are doing different things. She then preceded to tell me that she didnt think I could cope with my work, especially when its busy in the mornings! I was devastated as I think of myself as a very efficient worker and consider myself highly intelligent! She then said that my hours could not change and I had to work afternoons and every other Saturday, I had no choice. (She had changed my hours a few weeks ago, by letter just before she went on holiday and not face to face!).

Anyway, on said Monday I had to work til 6.00pm - people were arriving for their holidays. I was not myself, I let down by my co-worker for spilling beans to my boss as co-worker had obviously seen my status on facebook then moaned about me to the boss. She knew that I was looking for a job but she still did it! Also that I wasnt very good at my job! Gosh are you still with me? Not sure I am! Anyway part two will follow - Im worried that this isnt going to save. Laine xxxxxx

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