Monday, 28 September 2009

Part two - job loss

Anyway, what was I saying. Oh yeah, right so here I am at the office on my own as everyone else had gone home, feeling very sorry for myself. Anyway, I got packed up pretty early and I left the office just before six, or so I thought! I did meet some visitors in the car park and took them to the bar. They were happy enough. I was just glad to get home and tell John all about my horrible day.

So we get to Tuesday. My boss wasnt there when I arrived and she had left me a really long complicated booking to do. Probably to see if I could cope with it or not! Anyway, on her desk was a not to say I had left at 5.45pm the night before. I put a little yellow sticky on saying, I left at two minutes to six with an exclamation mark. Oh dear, I was in trouble again. Then I said out loud to Gill, I think it's get at Laine week! Then I felt a bit fed up and kept makng mistakes. Some Sales guy phones up and actually got me to stupidly buy labels for the franking machine, I thought that the franking machine had some sort of service where we got the labels! When the invoice came in on the fax I was like, yikes! Ive been taken in by the sales guy. So I immediately rang them back to cancel and guess what???? The office was closed! What a surprise! Anyway, I faxed back the company and asked them to cancel the order. Then I left it on another colleagues desk so they could see what I had done the next morning.

So Wednesday morning comes! Im at my cleaning job and my mobile goes, it's my boss. The gentleman I clean for said use my phone Laine and phone her back. Well, she let rip into me didnt she!! She had a go at me for leaving early on the Monday, apparently everything went wrong and she had to be called and I was in big trouble. She told me I was unprofessional and people were still arriving and I shouldnt have left early! I said, sorry I wasnt myself, I didnt realise the time, she said to me that's something a child would say! She then told me off for leaving the note for Gill about the labels order! I said I didnt leave it for her to do - I left it to inform her what I had done. Then I had a lecture about how we shouldnt be taken in by Sales guys, etc. etc. She then said that I was out of order for texting the other co-worker regarding the misunderstanding about the swapped shifts etc. I was then told that the office wasnt a playground and that Im not to gossip. Im to stop messaging people. Im to stop talking to house-keeping and that I had said stuff that she had told me in confidence. She said she couldnt trust me anymore!! Honestly, thats not all of it! It goes on and on!!

When I came off the phone I was in floods of tears and shaking! How dare she speak to me like that! Fair enough I had made mistakes. Oh and remember I had said I think its get at Laine week, well that was reported back to her!

Anyway, I talked and talked to John about it and my friends. I was going to go back in on the Friday and just ignore it all. But on the Thursday I broke down - I was shaking and I couldnt eat.
I could not go back there! Not after all that was said. And what if another interview came up. How would I go and I didnt want to go through all that again! So I phoned up HR Manager, I couldnt talk as I was too upset. But John took the phone and he spoke instead. We sent in my letter of resignation and it said that my position in the office had become untenable. And as for my notice I was ill!

I really thought I would get a phone call from them. But nothing! Not a bean! So there you have it! Im out of work!

Phew! Sorry that was so long.

Laine xxxx


lunarossa said...

So sorry about that, Layne! But try to see from a positive point of you, you got rid of a job that made you unhappy. Life is too short to live it miserably. You'll find something better, I'm sure. Enjoy the freedom at the moment. Hugs. Ciao. A.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a mess that was. It's probably better you quit rather than them find a reason to fire you. It looks as though there are alot of gossipers in that place. I'm so glad I work in an office by myself. Hope something comes through for you with the schools.
'On Ya'-ma

louise said...

Oh dear ...what a to do! A similar thing happened to me and I felt much better for leaving! I do go back and help there now but I havent forgotten!! Something better will come up and for the time being you will have peace of mind xx

Uncle Ted Pondthwaite said...

Good day to you

I notice that you are going through a rough time.

Maybe I might be able to help.

I am a problem solver.

Not like The Equalizer though!

Or The A-Team.

I am merely a man, offering support to the needy.

Please feel free to ask for my help.

Lori J said...

Boy did that sound like a deju vu of my experience at a job....
In the long run it was the best thing that happened to me ( I got let go)
So I understand some of your emotions..

Take care my friend,


Stuart said...

Sorry to have taken so long to get caught up Laine life is pretty hectic here - sounds like you are better off without that job! is my new home!!