Sunday, 8 March 2009

This time Im back for good.

Hello! Do you remember me? It's been so long!

Marie commented on my blog and asked how I'm doing and I realised that I hadn't been writing for so long now and let you all know what's happening in my life. Well here we go ................

I finished at the CSA on Friday! yay!!! They gave me a lovely send off - a beautiful bouquet of flowers - and they had actually thought about my favourite colours, purples and pinks!! I was really touched as we are all temps and other people have left and had nothing. They really spoilt me. I also got chocolates and an Easter Egg!! I was sad to leave my friends, and some had become good friends, but I was not sad to leave the building or the job.

I go back to my old job tomorrow at Crowhurst Park. I will be a permanent member of staff which I have never been there before. I was always casual. It will be so much better to be permanent and have a proper contract. Much more secure for a start, but then is any job secure these days.

I will only be working 13 hours a week - Mondays 9am-1pm, Tuesdays 1.30pm-5.00pm and Fridays 9am-2pm. I have also got lots of overtime hours too so I will be doing more hours throughout April. Still its a good start and I will be happy there!! I also know they have missed me so I will be welcomed back! Its good when you know your wanted!

My new car - I cant remember if I told you that I had a crash and my poor car was written off. Still I was ok and the insurance has paid out - was very quick! Im now back on the road again wiht my lil red car - here she is and her name is Addy.

I loves my new car.
I hope you are all ok. I will be coming to find out how you all are. I do think of you and never forget you. So Im always here in spirit.
Laine xxx


mortonlake said...

nice care laine,glad insurance paid out so fast.looks in lovely nick too for last was a cheapy fiesta,same color lol.and im pleaased i have the new one,just seems odd to have no care,good luck with job,love see you on facebook lol.

Stuart said...

magic. I am so glad to have you back blogging I have really missed you. You never did get Twitter!
Love the photo of you in the title is is very good indeed!

LYN said...


louise said...

Welcome back...not the same without you xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine nice to see you back ~ and glad they made such a fuss of you when you left CSA ~ Hope everything will be good for you when you return to Crowhurst ~ sounds like you will be very happy there ~ Love your new car ~ how lovely the insurance company paid up so quickly ~ Ally x

Jan said...

Yes Of course I remember you lol ,lovely car ,dont like the idea of you in an accident though ,do hope you are ok Jan xx

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, Glad to see you back. Hope your first day of your new-old job goes well. Great little car. Love the bright colour! My old Punto is still going so I haven't got a new one yet. Well, I've found my ideal car but I cannot afford it. Have a nice week. Ciao. Antonella

Sandra said...

I`m glad you`re back Lainey, doing the hours and job that suit you best and with Addy in one piece again! :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx