Monday, 21 May 2012


So where did the weekend go? Has anyone got it? Give it back!!

I sorted out stuff with Johm, I feels better!

Sara Sara! I will feed your nosieness LOL As much as I can. The little coming to stay with us is 10 year's old, she is coming from another authority. So she is going to be nowhere near her family. She likes pink, she loves girly stuff. Ive bought her a quilt cover and mat etc. already. We have a little 10 year old girl with us this week and she helped me choose it and she's trying it out. I will take a picture of it later and show you! If I know how to get photos onto my puter from my ipad coz Im a bit alien to laptops since Ive been addicted to the ipad lol!! OOOH I might be able to do it from the ipad. Derrrrrr silly me, never thought of that!  Anyway, back to the little girl, her name is Chloe and if all goes well with matching and panel she will be here by the end of August and we will have her until she is 18! yay!!!!! pinkness, purpleness and girly girlyness!! lol xxxxxxx


Sara said...

You sound so much happier today... feeding my happiness with yours :o)

Hoping that everything goes well with your little miss, she couldn't have a better home, and think of all the years of pinkandfluffyness you will have to look forward to!!


Kath said...

I had to laugh at you Lainey Haaa.Me I'm a little boy lady.I adore children,but I love little boys LOL!!I wish you well in your new addition to the family.I am sure as Sara says,she couldn't wish to be coming to anyone nicer.Have a lovely Monday love.I don't know where the weekend went either LOL!! and I am so pleased you have solved whatever the issue was!!Take Care God bless Kath xxxx

LYN said...

glad you got things sorted with John..sounds like you'll be busy with the little girl..I wonder can you post a pic or not allowed?? I'm just as nosy as Sara... LOL

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