Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hospital over with!

Phew! Hospital over with! Thank goodness! I was such a wimp! I was so so nervous, I cannot tell you how much!

John and I arrived at the hospital at about 8.00am, I was seen about 9.00am. John left me as I was taken through to theatre. First of all I was with the anaethatist (dont ask me to spell that one!). Anyway, he took five times to get a line in my hand! I was in a right state! It really, really hurt! They were pushing and prodding and pulling and my poor hand was hurting! They said they could not get any blood to come out. I was crying by the time they had finished. There was me worried about the actual procedure and that was the worst bit!

I was then wheeled in to the operating theatre, blubbing like a baby. The nurse was so kind she held my hand until I fell asleep. I had to go on my front. They had an x-ray machine and thats the last word I heard. I then came to in the recovery. The first thing I looked at was my hand! It bloomin hurt! Least it took my attention off my back. When they were happy with my recovery they wheeled my bed into the ward. Whilst on the ward they checked my blood pressure and stuff and once I had eaten some toast, had a cup of tea and had a wee I was allowed home. Im so glad its over.

I feel groggy still. Well very tired. Thats the anaesthetic. Im not allowed to drive for 48 hours. So Im not going back to school til next Monday. My boss was ok with that. Gives me time to recover. My back is sore where they did the injections and my legs feel heavy and ache alot. I dont feel any improvement to my sciatica yet! Im hoping that the injections do work! After going through all that!

Anyway, on a brighter note. I have me a brand new shiny laptop. At the weekend John said I should treat myself! He did help me out with the money a bit. Joe's laptop was really, really old and he did need a new one. So John said why dont I buy one and he have mine coz I had only had it a year. My old one was a Dell Inspiron and I never really got fond of it. Joe, on the other hand, loves it! I didnt like its keyboard or the way the mouse worked. I now have a Sony E Series, in white! LOL Its rather nice and the keyboard is fab! I love the mouse pad too. Im not sure about Windows 7 though! I really wish I could afford a Mac. Maybe that will be my next purchase when Sam needs a new laptop. I think my kids are very spoilt! But it means I gets the new one! hee hee!!!

I was going to go round visiting all your blogs tonight as I havent for so long. Im feeling very tired now. Its time for bed said Zebedee!!! xxxxxxx


Jan said...

I am so pleased that is over and you are back home ,take it easy these first few days are important top a good recovery ,..thinking off you... love Jan xx

madcobug said...

Glad that it is over and hope the injections help you. I know it's not fun as I have been there several times. Helen

mortonlake said...

glad you ok lainey,tc xx

SupahMommy said...

ughh.. what a process! Hope you are in ship shop shape soon enough!

And you have one new friend in bloggy land :) me.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hopefully the worst is over now and you will feel much better tomorrow. Take it easy and don't over do. What a reward getting a new laptop. You'll have something new to play with will you recover. Take good care!

Jane said...

Good news that the treatment you dreaded is over Lainey. When I was ill last year I had to have fluid taken from my spinal cord and without anaethetic it was possibly the worst pain I've ever had, and I was concerned that you were in for some of the same. It's a relief that you were out for the count while they did it - if you'd been conscious you might still be crying! :O)

Stuart said...

I'm glad it is over for you.
Hope it works.
I suggest you look at the refurbished section of Apple Store online. That's how we were able to afford a laptop!

lunarossa said...

Don't worry. I'm sure it will soon get better. Just rest and relax. Congratulations on your new laptop. Ciao. A.