Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Still in pain! When will the pain go? Not happy about that! I really thought that it would all go away! Silly me! Its still early though, Its a week today that I had the injections.

Its a year today that my mum had her operation to remove the cancer from her bowel. She goes for a CT scan next week to make sure there are no more cancers! Its good that they keep such a close eye on people when they have had cancer. I just hope and pray they dont find anything.

The kids as school today were a bit hardwork! There seemed to be incident after incident! It was hard going! But you deal with it. You start to wonder why you are doing the job then a little one will turn round and make you smile. Such little things make me smile, watching a four year old being able to skip for the first time, watching a four year old do her zip up on her own for the first time, helping an 10 year old understand the question on their test paper, hearing a four year old say; "I'm drunk Mrs Sayers!". Or "Mrs Sayers my guinea pigs keep humping each other, they do it every day!" Oh, the innocence of childhood. How lucky am I to have the privilege to work with these wonderful children. Even when they are fighting! GRRRR LOL.

I went to see my god-daughter this evening. It was her birthday last Friday. I visited her on her birthday, of course, but her present was delayed in the post so I delivered it to her tonight. Its a heart shape pin board for her bedroom, its covered in pink gingham and pink elastic so she can put all her photos and stuff on it. She was so pleased and I got to have lots of cuddles with her. It was a really nice evening spent with her and her mummy. The three of us did window shopping on the internet looking at lovely dresses and girly things! Thats nice for me as I live in a house full of boys!

Church tomorrow morning. I love going to church on a Wednesday morning with the children. Such a beautiful pretty church and the children are always so good.

John should hopefully get a job offer through the post by Friday. Fingers crossed that the salary is ok! He is enjoying not working at the moment. Lots of jobs to do round the house. If he accepts the new job he will have to start straight away so he is making the most of freedom!

Right time to get ready for bed and go read my book.


madcobug said...

I hope those injections take effect soon and help the pain. Helen

Jane said...

Fingers crossed your back will soon show some improvement Lainey

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Jan said...

Hoping you are soon telling us of an improvement in back pain ,Church with the children sounds nice ..love Jan xx