Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well I still have no affect from those injections! Time will tell I spose! Im feeling better though. Not so tired. I had quite a funny week, wierd funny, because of the hospital and feeling so tired. Because of John's job. Bleh to that week - tis gone now! Welcome new week! :0)

New week I go back to work. New week I see if the injections have worked or not! New week Im gonna smile alot and not be a misery and try not to be tired!

John and I are off to Eastbourne tomorrow for shopping. I have lost alot of weight lately - 18 pounds infact! Whoooooo!!! So now I can fit into a 12, I used to be a 16! Thats UK 12 by the way! I say it again, UK12!!! hee hee!!! Anyways, I need to lose another 6 pounds coz the 12, even though it fits, is a little tight. Im inbetween! A 14 is far too big! So Ive got to not eat any galaxy or be tempted to put galaxy into my banana sandwiches and then toast them! ;0) John has decided we have takeaway tonight! Hmmmm not good! But I will just eat what I want and not go over the top. A little naughtiness is ok!

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I do love to see them and they do mean alot to me.

So John is now out of work. How strange does that feel. At the moment it feels no different, plus he still gets a wage at the end of this month. He is waiting a job offer through the post from another company, but they are beginning to worry us as they are so slap dash and never ring back when John calls.

My Sammy Sam has got into Sixth Form! So proud of him! We went for the interview just before my hospital thing, cant remember when now! But Im sure I havent told you all about it. Anyway, he wasnt happy with his place at Bexhill College and the course he wanted at Hastings brand new shiny college isnt being run! tut tut! So we rang William Parker Sports College, who have a fabby little sixth form, and Sam had an interview and he has got in unconditionally!!! He is so so happy! He is going to do a Diploma in Music Technology, ICT A Level, Media and Sports. One happy Sam!!! Phew!

Sam and Joe both passed their guitar exams. Sam Grade 3 and Joe grade 4. Im giving them a rest for a bit and they will start again in September. Sam might even be able to do some grades at college.

Have a lovely weekend and I will write again soon.
Laine xxxx


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great weekend and a cheerful week.

Jan said...

My daughter had what sounds like the same procedure as you ,and is still in pain ,I hope both of you could be painfree ,Have a good weekend /week Jan xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope that those injections kick in for you and give you some relief from that pain. Pain tires you out without doing anything it seems. Congrats on the boys doing so well. Have fun with shopping. Having some new clothes is always good.