Thursday, 20 May 2010


This picture is of the garden we have at our school. The older children get to play in it in the morning and the younger children, who Im with, get to play in it at lunch time. I was standing in the staff room today, looking out the window, having my cup of tea, and though, oooh I will take a photo of the lovely garden and show my bloggy peoples! Do you see our willow man and our willow dragon? Lovely willow making peoples came in and did this with the children. Its a very special place. I will try take some more pics of our school to show you again soon.

John is still waiting to find out if he definately has a job or not. They have made him an offer but they havent confirmed every detail yet.

My back is still giving me trouble and Im rather fed up with it now! hmmmph! I didnt sleep very well last night. I was up at 2am and fell asleep rather awkwardely (oooh how do you spell that?) on the sofa! That does not help the back situation when I fall asleep like that. Amazing how then when you go lay back in bed, ping! your eyes are wide open again! Grrrrr

Sports day at school tomorrow, well its not at the school, its being held at the village recreation ground. The school doesnt have a field big enough, well the school doesnt have a field! It starts at 9.30 and the parents will bring all the children so we just have to turn up there. Then at lunchtime the children go with their parents for a picnic and we get to go home! So an early day for me! yay!

Im really excited! John and I have decided, after a long, long time of thinking about it, that we would like to be foster parents. We have made investigations and have applied to an agency. It takes about six months before you can be accepted and take on foster children. We might even decide not to do it. We need to find out alot about it, meet our social worker, do training etc., etc., It also means that I will have to give up work. I have thought long and hard about this. I get very frustrated at work because I am restricted by school rules and politics. When I think to myself, oooh my child with autism needs to have a five minute run with me out in the playground, it has to stay as a thought, I can't decide to do things like that, I should be able to, I am his INA, I am with him everyday. But, it's never possible for me to do the things that I know he wants to do, that I know will help him. They wont let me treat him differently because he has to fit in! I frustrates me immensely! There is so much that frustrates me! I also hate the clicky ness of the staff. I have been there since October and I still feel that I dont really fit in, I fit in with the kids. The kids love me! In fact today I had nearly the whole school on the playground doing sticker books with me. Theyve all started bringing sticker books in and the idea is to trade stickers. They kept saying to me, Mrs Sayers why dont you bring a book in, so I did!! In fact, I actually really love my sticker book! hee hee!! I dont think the other staff like it. Its hard to explain, I love my job, I would love it even better if it was just me and the kids, we can do without adults!

Anyway, Im gonna go now coz Ive said loads and your probably very bored now.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I love my man very muchly! :0)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is a lovely garden. Well wishes on your foster journey.

mortonlake said...

my best friend was a foster mum fostering teenagers for years,it was hard at times,one dear sweet thug damn nigh killed her,but she loved it.its not for everyone,but if you can,its a wonderful thing to do. take care,love mort xxx