Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hmmmm just got a letter from the school - Sam is not doing enough work for his photography GCSE - how do you motivate 15 year olds! I thought he was ok - he kept bringing a camera home from school - he kept borrowing mine and he assured me he was doing homework. I get a letter today from his tutor to say that he isnt doing enough work and he is very behind!

He is also very behind with other subjects too - I keep on at him all the time. I ask him if he has homework - I can't physically get hold of him and make him do it!

Do I stop him going out? Do I ground him? John says that won't do any good - if he's not motivated he won't do it and he can only help himself - all I can do is encourage him. I think I will ban him from the computer this week - and he is forever texting his friends. That's what 15 year olds do! Why they make them do so many GCSEs so early I dont know! It used to be in the last year of school - now they start them at 14! My Joe starts his next year too! I must say though that my Joe is much more motivated and gets on with things.

I'm worried about Sam - help!!!!!!!!

Laine xxxx


Stuart said...

wouldn't dream of commenting - what worked for my kids isn't the same as yours - however one of my three wasn't interested in school I am sorry now that tried to force the issue

louise said...

Hi Lainey
I know how hard it is believe me. You can only try to encourage and help him, if you push too hard things will go the other way. Its so sad there is so much pressure these days. Glad you are back blogging and happy in your job by the way xx

Sara said...

All you can be is encouraging and supportive I guess hon. This is not something that I have experience of, so I wouldn't like to advise any further than that. I do agree that there is alot of pressure on kids these days at a young age.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All kids are different, but I know that grounding them worked for me. They hated it if they had to stay home and go no where so they behaved. I'd talk to him and try and find out what the problem is too. Sometimes they don't like to talk, but they need to be reinforced about what is important. Education is very important and will help them succeed later in life. I'll be praying things turn around. Just remember love works miracles and sometimes that is what is needed. They do like to know we care!
'On Ya'-ma

Sandra said...

Hi Lainey,

I know exactly how you feel about getting a teenager motivated to get on with GCSE coursework, I had the same problem. Kerry assured me that her work was up to date, it wasn`t and her results spoke for themselves. Danny was blessed with a photographic memory and did much better. I think taking away the computer time is a great idea, it should reap rewards. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, at least your son is not having problems with maths like mine! I started having hysterics but did not work. I took away the X-box and the mobile phone. Did not work either. I got him a tutor for a couple of weeks. Never spent money better! Fingers crossed. Ciao. A.

Anonymous said...

He needs to be beaten and then locked in the shed overnight.