Saturday, 14 March 2009


Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all visiting me and welcoming me back to Journals.

This week was a really good week. It was good to start back at Crowhurst Park, it was good to start back at Creative Writing and it was good to feel like me again!

Even John and I became alot closer again this week. We had drifted apart a bit just lately. Not in a bad way. I always love him dearly, he always loves me dearly. But we had both been tired, full of colds and stressed with work and our relationship seemed to come last. It's not good when it gets like that. I think he doesnt want me, he thinks I dont want him. Its silly! Why do we do that? Of course we want each other! Still, we had lots of cuddles this week and lots of talking and we are ok again. I think relationships are hard and you have to work on them even when you love each other dearly! We are going to make sure we keep cuddling - nothing like a cuddle to make you feel better!

This morning Im chilling out, reading a new book. It's a real easy going book - a Marian Keyes book - she is really light-hearted, chatty and funny. Sometimes I like reading books like that, the one's that you could almost read it all in one sitting. My brain doesnt have to work too much!

I bought a new game for my DS, Millionheir, I dont think I like it. Well I keep playing it and hoping something different will happen but it doesnt. You have to look for clues to solve a mystery. Its just that! Thats all you do is search for things. I much prefer Professor Layton because that is more challenging for my brain!

My doggy is 7 today!!! Bless him, Happy Birthday Oscar.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is great to have a day to enjoy a good book. Relationships have to be worked at to remain strong. Cuddles are good for sure. You apparently did good to switch jobs.
Have a great Saturday
'On Ya'-ma

Sugar said...

came over to wish you a nice wkend...& see it's oscar's bd!
hb dear oscar, from the girls & me. woof & keep your paws up!

madcobug said...

Glad that you two are feeling better. Happy Birthday to Oscar. Helen

Jan said...

You sound very happy ,you still didnt visit me ! happy b/day to your lovely dog , Jan xx

Rebecca Anne said...

Happy Birthday Oscar~~
Welcome back, it's good to see your journal on my reader again.
Thats wonderful news about your relationship. It does take attention not to drift apart, but you two noticed and are on the way to fixing it. I love hearing when that happens for people. Enjoy those cuddles.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine it is lovely having you back ~ Happy Birthday to Oscar ~ Glad everything is going well for you and John ~ Ally x

mortonlake said...

cant beat a cuddle laine.glad things are ok,tc love mort xx

Sara said...

I like Marian Keyes too :o)

You are so right about relationships hon. We tend to put them at the bottom of the pile when there's alot going on, when really they should be right at the top, always!

Just a little something every day to say that you're loved and wanted can make all the difference.