Monday, 16 March 2009


Had a great weekend.

Met up with Emma (step-daughter) yesterday, John, Chris and I. We went to a nice little pub just outside Maidstone. And hour and half it took for food to arrive!! Grrr They did say it would be a long time! But and hour and a half for ploughmans! Grrrrrr

Went to work today. Had a good morning. Heard today that we have to try out quad bikes on Wednesday! We are now having quad bikes and archery and laser quest. I cant wait to try them all out!! You see we cant sell them to our guests unless we have done it ourselves!! yay!!!!!

Oscar had a lovely birthday - he loves his new toy - will try post a pic of it soon before he rips it to shreds!

Im off now to have apple crumble that Joe made at school. Wish me luck!

Laine xxxx


Ally Lifewithally said...

Lainey an hour and a half for a ploughmans you would have been quicker going to a supermaret and buying the ingrediants :o) Glad you had a good time at work you will have a lot of fun having a go on those quad bikes ~ and the other things you have got to try out ~ Glad Oscar had a good birthday ~ Ally x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Ally on that wait. They must have had a lot of people to feed or they had to go buy the ingredients to make them. This job certainly is different than the last one you had. good luck on the bikes. 'On Ya'-ma

lunarossa said...

Quad bikes, archery and laser quest? Sounds fab! Hope you have a great time at work. That helps. Ciao. A.

Sara said...

Cooool... I want your job!!

mortonlake said...

did they make the cheese for the ploughmans to order laine??lol.hope it was worth the love mort xxx