Sunday, 29 March 2009


Hello everyone, now how was your weekend. I know Sara Sara would have had a good one!! hee hee!! How about the rest of you?

I worked yesterday til five. It was very quiet yesterday, hence why I had time to write in my journal. It's nice when I can do that at work.

Today John was busy - he has decided to build a wall out the front! Don't even ask!!! He still hasnt finished the bathroom he started in July last year yet!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Oh well, enough said on that.

Anyway, I was feeling lonely so I phoned my friend Jane and asked if she was in for a cuppa and a chat. She was! Yay!! I went there at 12.30 (really 11.30 my body thought it was!). Then I had to pick Joe up in town at 2.00 so she and her son came with me. Her son Robert went off to the Sports Direct with Joe and Jane and I mused round the shops looking for craft ideas. We are both quite crafty, hee hee!!! We would both love to start up our own business making toys and stuff!! Awww it would be fab!! As, Hastings is Hastings, there wasnt much open and not much crafty stuff about. So we went into our ever favourite Waterstones and looked at the craft books. There is sooooooooooo much craft stuff to choose from!!! All this needlework stuff and making stuff made me yearn for a sewing machine again. Anyway, I gets home and tells John and he said why not buy one!! yay!!!! This is what I have in mind - so need your advice on which one is best - I dont have a big budget only want to spend about £150. It's a Brother ES2020 and it comes with lots of bits - click on the pic and see what you think!!!



mortonlake said...

sewing machine? i have trouble threading a love mort x

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, I don't know much about sewing machines, but my neighbour has just bought a Brother one from a website called Cooper Sewing Machines and she's totally happy with it. She even got some freebies with it. I know for sure because I've ordered it for her as she does not have Internet! (She's pomised she's going to help me to sew my new curtains!!!!). I think having you own business on the side is an excellent idea. You can then build on ...Ciao. A.

Sara said...

I did have a luffly weekend, giggles :o)

Crafty stuff is cool, I agree. I am a knitting nut at the moment, 'cause it's so calming.


It's Just Katie! said...

I love to sew, just can't seem to calm my life down long enough to enjoy such pleasures. Happy to hear you were able to visit with a friend. Always a breath of fresh air! Take care and enjoy your Today!