Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cough that wont go away!

Well I'm now on day 12 of my cold.

Horrible nasty cough now that wont go away! Its annoying! Its irritating! Its horrible!!!! When will it go?

Apart from my cough, Ive had an alright day today. Work was good, the children were good. Mrs Sayers had to get a bit cross sometimes, yes! I have started to get my confidence and get cross with the kids. I found that hard at first. Its easier when you know them though.

My little group of children were like little angels today. My little 'E' the boy with autism was my little star today, he was. He sat still and listened the whole way through group. I do like a sort of nuturing group with six children that, well, need nuturing basically. ~They find it hard to share, play properly, interact, behave etc. etc. I have a puppet, who is Ginger Bear and we call it the Ginger Bear group. I love my lil group.

I was chatting today to the TA who I will be with in September, she is preparing herself for the lil challenges I will bring with me into year two! I'm actually looking forward to working with her as we get on really well. But, thats not til September, long way off yet! One of the teacher's said to me the other day how great it was that they will all get me eventually as I move through the school with my boys. I hope I can stay with them to year 6 but Im thinking that I may only stay in this job for a couple of years. I want to either train to be a teacher or become a TA. I'll see how it goes.

Im sorry I havent gotten round to read all your journals yet. Ive visited a few and I will get round to you all in time. So good to see I still have readers after all this time. I want to enjoy blogging again, I am at the moment!

Had some good news today, My aunty Pat, my Mum's sister, had an aortar valve replacement today, I dont know how to spell it sorry! But its the main valve in the heart. The tried to do it before Christmas but she had a massive bleed so whe was very nervous this time. It went well though! So Im so pleased. All she has to do now is recover. She will be 80 next month! This valve will really make a difference to her life and things she will be able to do again. Im off to visit her on Saturday.

I bought an Easter Egg yesterday for a pound! A pound! Couldnt resist it!

Bye for now.
Love Laine xxxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope that cough goes away for you soon. It sounds like you are really enjoying the job you have now. So glad you are back to blogging. I've seen lots of Easter things on the store shelves, but I've not bought any yet. I've got Valentines candy to eat first!

Sonya said...

Stopping by to say "hi" and I hope your cold goes away soon. They are such a misery. Glad your aunt had her surgery and all went well. Always a relief when heart surgery is over. Have a good rest of the week.

Stuart said...

Maybe time to see the Dr about this cough?

madcobug said...

Some of those coughs just won't give up. I think I mentioned that my daughter coughed around two months. A couple of doc's visit and several rounds of antibiotics and cough meds. Then last week she started again, started her same meds from a refill and stopped it before it got a good hold. Glad that your aunt came through her surgery fine. That is pretty old to have major surgery like that. Helen