Monday, 1 February 2010

Im here again!

Wow!!!! It took me missions to get back into blogger! Missions!! I had to create a google account, thats how long ago it was that I last came in here! In fact the last time I wrote in here I had just been for interview and been told I had got my job.

Well, Ive now been at my job for like 3 months now! I do like it! Its had its ups and downs and its hard settling in to a new job. Getting to know people, getting to know the kids! The first obstacle is learning all their names - that seemed to come over a couple of weeks. Im now trying to learn every child in the school - as Im with the whole school at lunch times. Im getting there! I hate not knowing their names!

Why have I come back? Hmmmm? Well I've missed writing. I've missed reading! I've missed all of you! I do see a lot of you on Facebook. Im kinda bit tired of Facebook now though. Its annoying! Annooooooyyyyying! I feel happy writing again! I do hope someone reads this! This feels so much more personal than Facebook. Im not sure whether to advertise my blog on facebook tonight or not.

Now, Ive had a cold for the last ten days! It does not want to go! I had to take last Friday off work. Its been a very nasty cold. Ive still got a sore throat and loads of cattarh - where does it all come from?? ewwwwwwwwww!!!

Now to update you on my working days! I'm an Individual Needs Assistant and I work in a class with Reception/Year 1 children. They are age 4-6. Lovely kids! I look after a child with autism (E), a child with behaviour problems (c) and a boy with speech and language difficulties (cc). I best not put their real names! I love them all! They are a challenge but they are just such sweet little boys. (E), the boy with autism makes me smile everyday. I hate making him do writing and sums though when he's not feeling up to it, some days he is up to it and its brilliant but other days there are distractions and he just doesnt want to do it. I dont like to force him. I like it now that he trusts me, it took a while for us to get to know each other. He likes electricity and light-bulbs, they are his most favourite things in the whole world! He always likes to turn the lights on and off, he likes also to open the doors with my magic key. Im sure I will have some stories to tell you about E!

C has behaviour difficulties and can be a right little pickle! I do find it hard to tell him off because he is such a sweet little character and his sense of humour is brilliant! Im getting stronger with him now that my confidence is growing. We sometimes go and do jobs just the two of us and he loves that, we have a special dinosaur game we play if he gets his jobs done on time. (jobs are a way of getting littlies to do their school work!)

CC is just a little gem, he is a sweetie, I love my sessions with him. The other two boys I work with are year 1 but CC is Reception so he is the youngest I look after. I take him out for speech and language sessions and once a week I have a lady come in and help me. I met CC's mum the other day and had a good chat with her. It really helps to know the child's mum and it also helps the child's mum to know me too I think.

I found it hard settling in as the TA in my class is a bit wary of me, to be understood I think as I am a friend of the teacher! But she is coming round a bit now, Im giving her time and space and Im respecting her position in the classroom, I didnt want to think I was there to take over her job or anything like that.

Well I think Ive written enough for now, Ill write some more. Im not going to say tomorrow, coz I dont want to disappoint you if I dont do it tomorrow, but I will write again.

Love Laine xxxx


Jenny said...

Well i've come back to blogs as well but i don't think i will give up facebook as i like being able to talk to people in real time. it is just a case of balance which i am not very good at, but it was good to read about your job.
Jenny <><

Sandra said...

Hi Lainey,

Good to hear from you. Your job sounds interesting and very rewarding, its good to hear all about it. I only blog every so often now as I just seem to find the time anymore. I tried Facebook and Twitter and they just weren`t for me. I must read your entries again. :o)

Sandra xxx

Sugar said...

welcome back!
i never left blogger, i make an update wkly on my blog.
i am on fb, but only go by there wkly to see what's going on. i cut my friends list there down to only about 30 or so. better for me to keep up with.
glad your job is going well.

Sara said...

Aww... Lainey Laine is back :o)

It certainly does help us Mothers to know who is working with our kids in school. My J has been lucky enough to have had some real gems work with him over the years :o)

Looking forward to hearing more about your three little ones!


madcobug said...

Glad to see an entry from you. Glad that you like your job. Those colds and coughs have really been hanging on to people this winter.
Your blog is still coming through on my dashboard so you no longer have to send me emails. Have a good night,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see you've returned to bloggerville. I've read a couple blogs just lately that had not made an entry in a long time, so maybe facebook is wearing thin. I'm still blogging and don't do FB. Glad all is well with the new job. It sounds challenging but rewarding too!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad you're back Lainey! I blog occasionally but just don't have enough time to do it on a regular basis although I am getting my Australia photos and write up done.... very slowly! Lol! I'm glad you've settled into your new job, it takes time and patience to gain kids' trust but you seem to have got it sussed out! I hope your cold goes soon, mine has hung around for a few weeks now. Jeannette xx

louise said...

Hi Welcome back! Glad you are getting used to your job . Sounds very rewarding although I can imagine it has its moments. Louise xx

Stuart said...

YEAH!!!!!! Welcome back

LYN said...


Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine it is so good to see you back ~ your Job sounds really interesting looking forward to hearing more ~ Ally x

mtrib2 said...

Your job must be rewarding as your kids improve their skills because of your guidance and patience in teaching them. I am not on the computer much, but I do make a post now and then. If you would like to visit my blog just click on my comment link. That way I will have your link in my blog comment section. Take care and best wishes to your family. mark/salty