Saturday, 20 February 2010

My back

I went to the hospital yesterday to see doc about my back. I had put it off for so long. I do have a fear of hospitals and doctors, they intimidate me, they dont mean to its just the way I feel. Anyway, I shouldnt have worried, he was brilliant! He understood how I was and has booked me an MRI scan. Once he has assessed the scan he thinks that I will prob be best to have an operation then all them pins and needles that keep me awake at night should be gone! And the pain should be gone too!!! He said the numbness will stay but I dont mind that!! Im just glad that Im now in the system and things will be done!

Have had a lovely week off, its been half-term. Back to work on Monday, only five weeks though and then its another two weeks off for Easter! Yay!!!! Where is the time going?

Sposed to snow again tonight! Not sure if we will get any! I hope it snows on Sunday night then we can have an extra day off school!

Ive bought a new game for my DS! I know Im just a big kid! Ive got Zelda Spirit Tracks. Its hard though!!

Going to see my Mum and Dad tomorrow, its my mum's birthday on Monday. I made her a very special card, its not a special birthday but I just felt like it! I painted a little picture then mounted it on to diff coloured card, it looked quite good! OOOOH Im all arty again!

Catch you all very soon.
Love Laine xxxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is good that you went to the doctor. From what I can tell they can do a whole lot more for you than they used to be able too. I know some people that have had great things happen lately regarding their back and that is wonderful. Enjoy your days off from work!

Sugar said...

glad you got to see a good dr! will say a prayer that all goes well for you. hb 2 your mum, every bd is special when it's someone we love! ;) {{ }}

Sonya said...

That should make you feel good knowing that you have things scheduled now. Back pain can be awful b/c sometimes you can't get comfortable standing, sitting, lying. Have a good weekend.

Stuart said...

So pleased you are happy with the visit.
i hope you don't have to wait too long

Ally Lifewithally said...

Glad you were pleased with the Doctor you saw ~ Hope everything goes well for you ~ We have had a lot of snow here today ~ I say roll on the Spring lets be getting a bit of Sunshine ~ Ally x