Thursday, 4 February 2010

Laine on a Thursday.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Yes Stuart if this cough does carry on I'll go to docs. The thing is its so hard to get an appointment it could be gone by the time I do! Alot of people have said to me that this cold has left them with a cough for weeks!

OOOOOOOOH look at me blogging again! I feel all happy and settled. It feels like that little piece that was missing is now found and it feels good!

Thursdays is a good day! :) A happy day for me! See! I likes Thursdays! Thursdays I finish work at 1.15. Thursdays I go visit my friend Tania and her little 7 week old baby Isabella! (Obviously 8 weeks ago it was just Tania!). ~Awwww Isabella is such a cutie! Bless her. Thursdays I go to a course in the evenings with my bestest friends! It's a course called 'Parents surviving teenagers'. Its really good. There are about 12 of us on the course. I dont really know why Im going as my boys are good really. Last week our homework was to spend an hour with each teen, one to one. Joe was so excited about this. A whole hour uninterrupted! He got me to play PS3 with him, FIFA10! And he got to play it on MY PS3 too! He said to me that if Sam didnt want his hour he could have two! Made me feel guilty that maybe I dont spend enough time with him! Awww! Sam wasnt really so bothered about it, he said well we are going to my parent's evening, we could do that! He said he couldnt think of anything to do! Sam is 16 and Joe is 14 - what a difference two years makes! Sam and I did get our hour together though, after parents evening I took him out for something to eat. I think he liked that. You can never tell!

I think this course will be really good, its made me realise that my boys are angels - of course they get moody, they moan and they are lazy and they are untidy and they hate washing up and they hate getting up! They are teenagers! But they dont ever, ever, hit me, shout at me, abuse me, disrespect me or anything like the other parents have to put up with! My boys still like a good cuddle and some of the other parents said their teenagers wont even talk to them. So I am very, very lucky! I do want to understand my teenage boys though so I think this course will be good to help me understand them and their moods. The reasons why they lie and why they have to lay in and why they cant tidy up etc. etc.

Anyway, I'll let you know how tonight's session goes!

Laine xxx


Stuart said...

sorry it took so long to say I had read this.
I sold my PS3
Wii is my game machine

Sara said...

You are such a good Mummy :o) Do you have a spare hour to spend with me? I wants to play on your PS3!!! Or, you could take me out for food. Food is always good too :o)