Sunday, 28 February 2010

I tried!

Ive tried to do an entry several times in the last few days and gave up as it kept disappearing! I got fed up I did!

Ive been in pain again. But, Im hoping that my MRI scan date will come through soon then the consultant can go ahead with my operation!

Ive been wondering what to do with my life. Sounds strange I know. Well you are probably thinking to yourselves, well she has just got herself that job she always wanted, and I have and Im really happy there. There are issues but there are in any job. You see, John's job is looking very dicy lately, he could lose it at any time and also he is very very miserable as he works so hard but his colleagues seem to always do things wrong to make his work fail or make John look stupid. Long story so wont go into it but the upshot is that weve got to think of someway for John to leave work and be happy!

Lots of options:

He could concentrate on his business for selling handles. He makes and sells stainless steel handles but he only does it very part-time at the moment. He has all the machinery and he has perfected the handles. He does have one buyer that is reliable too. The only thing about doing it full-time is that he is worried that a) he might not get more customers, b) he might hurt his back doing it full-time (coz his back is dodgy) and c) it will be very hard-going at first money wise. Advantages, he would stop hating Sunday evenings and Monday mornings, he would not be bored anymore, he would work for himself, he would be happier!

He would have to think of other things to do as well as the handles. The thing is we do not have any savings and have some debt so it would be hard to just get rid of the day job. If his job did come to an end then we would be forced into doing something.

Now, if John does decide to work for himself I may start thinking of things that I could do too. We are both fed up being in the rat-race. You know, like being governed by other people, rules and regulations. At the moment we find that the weekends are so precious but go much too quickly. Im ok once I get to work, I do love my job but I love John more and want him to be happy, I want us both to enjoy life! Life is so short. There are so many things I want to do!

Here is a list of options for me for working from home;

Be a foster carer (well both John and I want to do that) we have discussed at length and really miss our children being little. I would love to give children the love that we have to give. I know it wouldnt be easy but it would be very rewarding too.
be a respite carer,
be a doggy boarder, look after people's doggies when they on holiday or at work, a dog-walking service maybe (not possible til Ive had me op though)
Start up a shop on Ebay, I want to start a craft shop, scrap-booking materials etc.
Breed Golden Retrievers.
Some sort of social care work, with children who need time out and someone to talk to.
An art group for local community.
Parent and Toddler art group, or art group for kids.
Set up my own cleaning business.

So you see I have lots to think about.

John's brother recently was made redundant and he got a good pay-out so he is able now to do things that he likes doing, he has set up an ebay shop, his wife helps out with it too. His wife has her own cleaning/ironing business. He also trades on the stock exchange. He also has trained to be a driving instructor. His life is so so much happier now. He no longer dreads Sunday nights and Monday mornings. It was great to see them so happy. Oh I best give you a link for their shop!

It's Butterfly Nest Interiors.

Also, my brother gave up his job through ill-health and he now runs his own business as a painter and decorator. He is soooooo much happier. Makes you think though doesnt it!

I think we have to do something soon before John has a nervous break-down!

Thanks for listening.
Laine xxxxx


lunarossa said...

So sorry, Lainey, hope your back gets better soon. I suffer from backache too and I know it's terrible. Sorry for John's job as well. I see you've got lots of ideas too. Why don't you start with one option, maybe the easiest one, like having an ebay shop or for John, working on his handles part-time and see how it develops. Dog-walker would be a good idea too, at least you wouldn't have to provide "accomodation" for the dogs. With regard to fostering I admire your williness to try but I an assure you that it isn't a bed of roses. A friend of mine has been doing for a while and although she's persevering with it (and I totally admire her for this!)there can be major issues. Also, you cannot think of it as a way to get an income as the money is just enough to civer the kids' expenses. Anyway, hope things will get sort out soon. All the best. Ciao. A.

Sara said...

Lots of ideas there m'dear... if you chose respite care I would employ you in a second to take care of J for his respite... I wouldn't pay the travel expenses though ;o)

Hope you manage to figure it all out Lainey.


Jane said...

I hope your husband manages to sort out a different lifestyle Lainey, there's little worse than feeling your work is ruining your happiness. The debts must be a concern tho, so perhaps if you have a debt reduction plan and go all out for it, then once you're clear of debt you can make the change with more optimism. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your back too. Cheers :O)