Monday, 22 February 2010


OOOOH look at me two days in a row and Im here!

Thank you all so much for your comments. I am pleased something is being done about my back. Im a little scared though but at the same time pleased! Just have to wait for date for MRI first.

Was back at work today. All back to school! Awwww its test week this week and I have to get my little ones to do tests and I cant help them! I hate tests I do! My little group did really well and worked very hard, not very high scores but they tried their bestest! It all helps so we know what level they are at and what has gone into those tiny little minds. They do have to learn so much!

Tomorrow is Tuesday and Tuesday is one of my favourite days. We have the storyteller on a Tuesday. He is brilliant and funny and the children love him! He makes us laugh, he makes us sing, we sing about everything. We go walking in the woods and we talk about birds and creatures that live in the woods but he does it in a story way and gets the children all involved. The little boy that I look after who has autism absolutely loves the story man. When we went for a walk in the woods 'E' held Kevin's hands and told him that he was keeping them warm for him. Such a lovely thing to do! Story man is called Kevin!

Rain! Rain! and yet more rain!! We have big big huge, huge, lake like puddles in the roads! So bad that I thought my car would drown!

My car has her MOT tomorrow, please pray peoples coz she needs to pass as I forgot MOT is due by 26th Feb! And Tax is due for end of Feb! So I really dont want it to fail tomorrow!

We have a lady at work whose birthday it is on 29th Feb!! Well!! How about that! She doesnt get to have her actual birthday very often. She celebrates on the 28th. I think I would celebrate on two days!

Laine xxxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What fun your new job must be. You sound like you are really enjoying every bit of it. Hope your rain stops soon and things dry out a bit there for you.

lunarossa said...

Sounds like you're doing a good job and you like it at school. Looking after special needs children must be really tough. Hope you get extra care and affection at home!!! No rain here but snow AGAIN! Can't stand it anymore. Take care. Hugs. A.

Sara said...

Story man made me smile :o) xxx