Friday, 3 December 2010


I spoke to my Doctor on the phone this morning and she has signed me off for another two weeks, that means I wont be back to work til after Christmas. That means I have another 4 weeks to get myself together. Hopefully my tablets will help.

I texted my boss and he said that I will have to have a meeting with him but nothing to worry about, he wished me well and said he was looking forward to seeing me again. Its good that I will have a meeting with him before I go back because then I can tell him how I feel about certain things, its no good me going back and things are still the same.

Ive got to try change a few things, I've got to get myself up in the mornings and shower and get dressed instead of sitting around in my pyjamas. Ive got to start doing a few more jobs round the house. All I do is sit on the sofa doing nothing really!

John is being understanding (thank you Stuart for your offer but I don't think I need your help just yet, I might do though) he is asking me how I am and showing his sympathy. I think it did him good to read up on depression.

Its been hard to get myself motivated with everyone about in the house, as its been snowing and we are snowed in, everyone is under my feet. Where I would of probably started doing a few jobs I find myself not wanting to with everyone here. John starts busying around and I feel guilty. I just cant get motivated! Its a strange battle that goes on in my head, one part says do jobs the other says cant be bothered.

I must wash my hair today!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get started but once you do one thing, more will come. I hope your Friday is a good one!

Stuart said...

I found/find it important to stick to the routine of getting up and washing and putting clothes on.

It is part of the fight.

Keep going........takes about six weeks for tablets to have full effect and then she may want to increase the be a patient this is long term haul....

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lainey it is sometimes so hard to get motivated ~ but with the Doctor signing you off again and your Boss sounds so understanding I am sure everything will come right for you in the end ~ Ally x

Sara said...

Lainey Laine... I still find it difficult to get up, have a shower and get dressed of a morning. I always feel better after though hon. Jobs around the house... don't give yourself too much to think about. Choose one simple thing, do that and then allow yourself to feel good, you will have accomplished something :o) This is all very familiar to me Lainey!!