Sunday, 12 December 2010


OOOOPS sorry to Stuart about the feet, no more feet pictures I promise!

Sara Sara your room is ready and waiting and I have a special story book just for you!

I've been doing really well, I've had a better mood and been feeling a lot happier but then I've been in pain for about 4 days with my sciatica and it's taken its toll on me today. Not being able to sleep and being in pain is horrible. Because its a nerve pain I can't soothe it with warmth or anything it just stays there no matter what I do. I am so so tired, a horrible tiredness that makes me feel sick and dizzy. I tried to sleep it off most of the day and then about 2.30 we went in to town. It seems miraculously that the pain has disappeared since we've been to town. It does this, I have periods of where it will hurt like mad for days then suddenly calm down. I just hope it stays away long enough for me to sleep tonight.

Joe is at a concert tonight with my friend, he is seeing Bullet For My Valentine (please don't ask, not my kind of music). Anyway, he was so so excited but its at Wembley Arena so he will be very late back, probably about 1.00am. So I will have to wait up for him. So good of my friend to take him but she doesnt mind the music, if you can call it music that is.

We have the social worker coming on Tuesday to interrogate us further. John is worried about me being off work. I told him not to worry as Im getting better every day. He's not sure if we should tell her or not. He really is worrying quite a lot but he is so so tired and so busy. Tomorrow he has to go to Leatherhead, then to Southend and then to Manchester all in one day. He will stay over night in Manchester. I think that is too much for him in one day. He's been doing work all day today too to catch up as he needs stuff done by 9am tomorrow morning. It's so hard seeing him so stressed and tired.

Quite a lot happening next week, we get our new oven on Wednesday, ordered it yesterday, our oven really is on its way out and we thought that it would be nice to have a new one for Christmas. I'm excited about that arriving. I've got tons of Christmas shopping to do and parcels to post off. Cards to write and send. Having my hair done on Thursday, Oscar has to go to the vets for his check-up and my friend's baby is one year old on Saturday but I'm going to her little party on Friday. That will be nice. She same birthday as you Sara Sara! ;0) It all feels like a lot of stuff and I wonder how I'll get it all done. We also have to get a lot of paperwork together for the social worker.

OOOOh and guess what I read a book from start to finish, started it yesterday and finished it today. I'm so pleased with myself as I've not read a book for ages and ages! :0)


Stuart said...

Glad to find this a more cheerful entry I hope it lasts for you.

Today is the last posting day of rcards ;)

Stuart said...

for cards

LYN said...

yay!! you sound positively chipper my dear!! That's one of my Christmas wishes come true early!!

Sara said...

Awww... so glad to hear that you're doing better m'dear. Glad to hear about the new oven too... imagining all of the yummy meals my new foster parents will cook for me ;o)

Yaaaaay for you reading again :o) :o) :o)