Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Not feeling so good tonight, didnt feel bad all day but this evening I got low again. The trouble is when you feel on a high its a hard fall back down again when you feel low.

I had quite a good day, met up with my friend Tania and her baby Belle (who is a year old next week!) and we went to visit her mum who fed us and gave us tea.

We had a late dinner as the physio came to see Oscar and she took longer than I thought. He is doing really well bless him.

John didn't get home til really, really late and he was very very tired. He has to drive 2 and a half hours to work, do a 9-5 day then drive the same back again. Its not good as he has to do it again tomorrow and then tomorrow evening has to have a christmas social with his work colleagues which he is not looking forward to. Of course he can't drink as he is driving.

We sort of had a bit of a bicker at each other, he was tired and I was fed up with being in pain. Also I find it hard to sympathise when Im low myself. Not a good combination. I can feel myself getting better though, I did have a much better day today just feeling low tonight and I think that's because I'm worried about John.

I'm thinking of emailing work tomorrow to ask if it's possible to just work mornings, I am only contracted for just mornings but I do extra hours in the afternoons. I think I won't be able to cope with all day straight away, even though I only do all day three days a week.

To answer your question Sara Sara, I think we would prefer little ones from baby to about age ten/twelve I think. Not sure we could have another teenager in the house with two here already. I really would like a younger child around the house again. I don't think we will actually get a placement til about April time, that gives me time to get better and also the weather will be much nicer and trips out will be easier!


Stuart said...

Yes it is hard when you fall back down,
Now these pills take time to work and your dose may need to be increased.
i suggest you don't write to your work at all your are off sick forget about them,

lunarossa said...

So sorry you're not feeling very well. I'm not that well either so I can sympathize. Wish you all the best with your fostering project. I think you are very brave to take on this commitment. I wouldn't be able to do it. I've got already enough ptoblems with my own two kids and with my late friends' kids next door and I'm sure I couldn't cope with some unknown child. But I really admire people like you that can do it. Well done. And try to be positive as much as you can. Hugs. A.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope today is a better one for you. Ups and downs are a part of life, but still you have a new day to start over and hopefully each will only get better and better.

Aileen said...

Thinking of you Laine,I didn't enjoy a very good night either...BUT, today will be better for us I'm sure. A lovely day, and it's now around 3 degrees (ooh heck!) I feel a song coming on ;>)

Love Aileen...X

Sara said...

Lainey Laine... sorry you had a bad evening hon. Just the smallest thing can have us down again sometimes, can't it. ((( hugs ))) Hope today is better.

I do admire you and John for going ahead with this fostering thing. Such an amazing thing to do, taking a child into your home and family. And you have such a nice home and family... are you sure you don't want to foster an almost 40 year old?