Monday, 20 December 2010


OOOH its a whole week since I wrote, I'm so sorry! I didnt even realise its been that long.

I'm doing ok! I went to the Doctors on Friday and she said she was really pleased with my progress, she said she had been very worried about me and she was going to try me with counselling but she is going to leave that for now as she is so pleased with my fast progress. She suggested a phased return back to work. So I wont be going back full-time straight away, in fact I probably wont do full-time ever again.

The school sent me a wonderful DVD of their nativity, it was so so sweet and I realised how much I miss them kids. My class also sent me a huge get well soon card, they had all signed with little faces on of themselves. I've got a few pressies from them too.

The snow is really getting to me now, our main roads are ok, but our little road is iced over really bad and none of the cars can get out, except the 4x4s grrr! I'm so worried as I havent finished christmas shopping yet, I need more food! We are supposed to be getting more snow today too. I think I will have a walk up to Tesco later and get as much as I can carry. My neighbour said that if we cant get our Christmas food and our kids cant get here (John's kids) then we will go to her for christmas dinner! How lovely!


Stuart said...

So glad you are making progress!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is wonderful news. I hope your road clears for you soon and the cars can get out. Just a few days now and Christmas will be here.

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Hey Lainey, you are getting better and you will. Don't stress out over pressies and things, nobody needs pressies and if you must get them do so when the snow has gone and that will be a nice surprise. Just enjoy your family and being alive, because life is short and you are a long time dead. Have a lovely Christmas.x

Sara said...

Aww Lainey Laine... glad to hear that you're doing well, m'dear. So sweet of the school to send you a DVD of the Christmas thing, and the card and stuff :o)

We have the same problem with food shopping at the moment. Bah! What does it matter if we have to eat cheese on toast for Christmas dinner! As long as Chris can still get here, that's all that matters :o)


LYN said...

you sound so know that makes me smile over here..i've been reading about the snow over you get it all done and if you don't it will be alright too... Merry christmas!!

louise said...

Hi Lainey
Just been reading what a bad time you've been having . I hope christmas was OK. I feel a very bad bloggy friend. Tablets take a while to kick in but when they properly do hopefully things will be alot brighter. Lots of love Louise xx

LYN said...

Just wanted to say I for one am glad there are no updates because that means you are doing other things and are too busy to write!!yay! Good for you Lainey...xx

Aileen said...

As Lyn says it sounds as if you are doing OK, with no updates.
Hope things have much improved, and your depressions has improved BUT, know that you were having a lot of pain.....
I'm going in hospital again next week, and some other 'news' on my Blog*
Take care


am a blogger from india.. dnt know what happened to you, but in the midst of some reading, i met your blog,,, am from india...god bless you...

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Hey, hope you are ok!

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