Thursday, 16 October 2008

Another friend joining Blogger (with special message for Stuart)

Hello my lovely journal people.

How are we all on this dreary Thursday. It is dreary, its cold, its damp and its grey. But, we should smile and make the sun shine in our hearts!!

Im missing my John already, he has gone to Barcelona. How dare he go without me! Hmmmph!!! Its a business trip - boring!! But least he gets to go to Spain!!! I hate having an empty side on the bed - will miss him tonight!

My lovely, lovely friend Laura has joined blogspot. I have been friends with her for just over a year now. Im proud of her - she has been through loads, she is fabby doo!!!! She is. Please visit her and give her a good old bloggy land cheer!!

I just heard on GMTV that trousers are in for the season - dont make any difference to me as I never, ever wear a skirt!! Except when I wore my Betty Jackson dress to Tanias wedding. I love my Betty Jackson dress I do!

Message for Stuart from Oscar. Dear Uncle Stuart, I just want to say, from a doggy point of view, that whatever dog you get will be a joy for Millie. I want my mummy and daddy to get me a friend but they cant afford it. I recommend my breed, I am a bit biased. But us Goldies we are such loveable chaps, we love being sociable with other dogs and humans. We are very loyal to our master and we just love company. My mummy said you are thinking of getting another dog - any of my cousins would love to live with a chap like you. Love and waggy tails Oscar xxxxx


Sara said...

Buddy is sulking... he wants a special message from Oscar too :o)

Stuart said...

Hm but hair city yes? Asthma disaster otherwise I agree a no brainer.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm on my way over to say hello. Hoping you find lots to occupy your time. Have a wonderful day and keep up the great writting,

Laura said...

Hi hun thank you for your kind words and hi to all who have had a peep at my blog its very exciting and addictive cant wait to catch up at creative writing ive done some new poems since I saw you last anyway take care xxxxx

Missie said...

I will go check out your friend.

Melissa said...

lol, funny