Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sunday night, Nearly Monday morning

Hmmph, can't sleep. I know, I know, not given it much chance. It's ten to midnight and I've only been in bed for about an hour. My legs are restless and my toes are full of pins and needles, not my sciatica at its best! I did fall asleep whilst reading my book but my legs woke me up. Impossible to try and lay there like that.

Im disappointed. I love Sugar Puffs. I do. Now, John is a one for buying cheap stuff and he has gone and bought Sainsburys own Sugar Puffs called Golden Puffs. Oh my! They are not the same! I have just tried to eat a bowl. I will be going out to buy my own box of Sugar Puffs and I wont share them! Naughty John! How dare he buy a cheap version of my favourite cereal. He wouldnt dare do it for Weetabix - crikey I would never eat cheap weetabix. Sigh.

Money is tight at the moment. I suppose it is the same for everyone. Im glad I had my hair done because it looks nice but I shouldnt have really because now I have gone overdrawn. John isnt happy about that. Im not happy about that. My ex husband has failed to pay maintenance this month. I can't believe that he cant even get a direct debit sorted out. He is ordered by the court to pay by the 30th of each month. It is now nearly the 30th of October and I havent yet got the September payment! I hate it how he can still control part of my life. I will now go overdrawn because of him.

I have a busy week ahead. It's half-term and the kids are about so I dont have to do school runs. Which will be nice in the morning to just get up, get myself ready and go straight to work instead of sorting kids out first. I'm working til One (in the office), then have my private job in the afternoon at Three. Mia, my bestest friend in the whole world, and I clean a house together every week. Its a little bit of extra money that helps! Tuesday Im working til 5.30 in the office. Wednesday, oooh poor Sam has his bottom braces put on on Wednesday then he has his flu jab in the afternoon. Also on Wednesday Sam's new injection arrives. We are really excited about that. It will be so much easier to administer his injections and we have also persuaded Joe to have it too. Injections will be so much easier all round, for me and for them! I hope! Then Thursday we go to my Mum and Dad's, over to Brighton, my car is going to be fixed by my cousin, hopefully! And poor Sam and Joe have the dentist! Then Friday Im working in the office again, then Saturday Im working, cleaning. Phew!

I will go now as you will all be bored to tears!

Laine xxx


Chrissie said...

Oh I'm so sorry your ex hasn't paid. I'm hoping mine doesn't turn out that way. We're still arguing on my maintenance figure. Thank you for reminding me I need hair color. Sorry your legs are hurting. Hope you can get some rest tonight. I still have to head to the store, but prefer to go around 10pm when everyone else is at home getting ready for bed.
Take care, Chrissie

Tightening the Corset Again said...

My kids' dad is spotty on the child support as well. He's about $20,000 behind over the course of the past 8 years... as long as he is fairly consistent I don't fuss too much... but.. yeah... it's frustrating to still have to deal with him.

Bisquick, by the way, is a prepared baking mix. Most people use it to make biscuits... basically it's flour, a leavening agent like baking powder and shortening (or lard). Does that make sense?

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead... hope you get some rest, you're gonna need it!


Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

money is definitly tight.

Melissa said...

wow u do have a busy week ahead! I hope u can get some rest in between

D said...

so sorry your ex hasn't paid.. can't the courts deduct from his pay and give to you so you aren't playing his game? Hope your legs feel better soon and you get sleep. Mine hurt from dancing at the wedding. LOL
love ya

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, Rather than bored I feel exhausted after reading your weekly schedule! No wonder your legs are hurting...I think this credit crunch is affecting all of us. And Xmas is lurching...I like Xmas but cannot stand the shopping bit. Sugar puffs were on offer in my local Asda (2 for 1 I think) so maybe your John should shop in Asda instead of Sainsbury's. I'm totally addicted to Oatibix (I even eat them for lunch!) and they are 26p cheaper in Asda thanSainsbury's..Wow! Try to relax a bit if you can. All the best. Ciao.Antonella

Barb said...

So sorry your ex is being so irresponsible. Hope he steps up to the plate soon and does right by you. Regarding cereal: had to smile reading about your favorite. My hubby loves Sugar Pops, won't settle for any imitations. lol
Glad you got your hair done. Sometimes doing special things for ourselves lift our spirits.

Joan said...

Hi sorry you could not sleep it is so annoying even more so if you work. When we shift the clock it always knocks my out of sink. Your are going to be busy this week may you have a wee bit too much on your mind. Hope you sleep better tonight. Love Joan.

Jenny said...

I hate restless legs and not being able to sleep. Have a good half term.
Jenny <><

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Blxxxy men and their fecklessness. Your hair looks smashing.

Eileen said...

Hope your ex soon pays up. He is probably in "economy" mode and the cheapskate is economising on your maintenance! Fingers crossed it comes through in the next couple of days. Eileen x