Saturday, 18 October 2008

At Work

I'm at work. I'm at my desk. We are bored. Just Kate and I in today. All the work is up to date and we have nothing to do. Have to be here til two and Kate has to be here til five. Don't know how she will survive if it doesnt get any busier! We want the phones to ring! Mind you we are having a good ole gossip though. And the views out the window are stunning today. The weather is gorgeous - beautiful blue skies!

I just phoned John and he is still in bed! Its 11.00am! He came back from Barcelona last night and he is absolutely shattered! Bless him! I don't suppose he will be doing anymore to the bathroom today then!!

I'm not sure I'm happy here at Blogger - I'm happy that I have lots of followers but the comments seem to be getting scarce! I sort of wonder why I bother writing if no-one is reading! Also I find it hard to keep up with other blogs too and also to know when someone has commented on your entry. If they comment on an older entry how are we supposed to know! We might miss it! Im just rambling now coz Im sitting here bored at work.

Hey hum!

Plays with pen and taps on desk! Oh well least I have time to read your blogs! Which I will go and do right now.

Lainey xxxx


Stuart said...

it is easy set it up to get emails when you receive comments..

Jenny said...

I think a lot of people are reading but finding it hard to comment, although i personally do not think it is any harder than aol. I work my way down my blog list until i get to the ones i have already read. It says how long ago the post was written so i find that the best way for me. Have a good weekend.
Jenny <><

Sandra said...

Hi Lainey,

I`ve just popped in to say hello. have a great weekend. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Melissa said...

sorry ur bored. i hate being bored

Missie said...

I read every entry on the blogs that I follow, but I do not comment on every entry. Sorry. It's not any harder to comment here as it was AOL, it's just I usally have over a hundred blogs entries to read on a daily basis.

Laura said...

hi hun im really sorry to hear your bored I had a lovely time at your's on friday the boys are so sweet . Have you done any on your creative writing homework im going to have a go today. speak to you soon take care xx