Monday, 20 October 2008


I spent hours yesterday making my blogs look pretty and I think the time has paid off! It was easy really I just went to a site that does backgrounds for free. If you look at the top left-hand corner of my blog then you will see the site link for backgrounds! I feel like Im feeling a bit more at home here in blogger world. I have now put a list of the blogs I read down the side of my blog too, this lets me know when people have made an entry. I feel better about that now! I really like the background on my Creative Writing blog - go check it out!! Its very pink - hee hee. I still need to write the next bit of my story.

I got my new phone today - I was very lucky as when I got home from work I noticed the UPS van at the top of my Close and he was having his lunch so I cheekily tapped on his window and said could he redeliver. I would have missed him had he not stopped for lunch so that was good!

I'm cold today, it's really cold! I've not got so much work this week which is good. I really have worked alot lately. I've got lots of college stuff on though. I'm doing a Adult Learner support class and we have to do work placements for it so Im busy doing that this week. Tomorow I'm observing a digital photography class and on Thursday my work placement starts in the English GCSE class which I did last year so it should be ok.

I'm really loving Duma Key by Stephen King - think I told you that but I had to say it again.

Laine xx


Stuart said...

aaaaaaaaaaargh the background makes it unreadable

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww does is Stuart I will try make it better xxxx

Melissa said...

dropping by to say hello