Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New blog

Hello, welcome to my new blog! I might even write more in this one!! hee hee.

It's funny isn't it. Just lately I havent been a very good journaler and then I come back and AOL decide to get rid of them - as Sandra said in her departing entry, we DID have the choice then but now that choice has gone.

I hope this works out fine and that we all stay in touch. Im sure we will. At least Ive actually got a blog!!! The thing I havent done yet is move my other journals over to this one. I have one and two old ones I dont want to lose so hopefully I can keep them! I love looking back on them sometimes. I cant believe that Ive been doing this for nearly 4 years!

I started creative writing today. I might put in some of the poems I wrote. They might make you smile. They are a bit silly.

See you all soon, Love Laine xxxx


Eileen said...

Hi Lainey
Well, I made it over here. I don't know whether it will be as good as Jland - only time will tell. These new blogs don't look as user friendly. Hope you carry on posting though, would hate to lose contact.

Sandy said...

Damn! I just wrote you a comment and now I have to start again because I had to sign up to leave you a comment!! LOL

Hi Lainey xxxxxxxxx

I'm hoping to keep up to date with you and your writings since now I am done working my 2nd job. You KNOW I would be interested in anything you write!
Maybe since you're taking a creative writing course you can give me some pointers.

Luv ya,
Sandy xxxxxxxx

Jeannette said...

Nice to see you here. I agree that this blogs are not user friendly. I hate having to sign in to leave comments or do the verification. The thing that bothers me the most is how we are going to know that someone has posted. I am gradually adding people to my sidebar but it is a slow process

MariesImages said...

Hey Lainey,
I've used this blog site for a few years, you will like it, once you are used to it. Welcome!
Here is our new Challenge blog;

D said...

gotcha... boy catch up is tough!

Janice said...

I have a couple blogs here and been using one for several years. It's actually much nice than aol, but at first it was hard to get used to.
jamcs605 was my user name on aol.

madcobug said...

Good for you moving on over. Helen

Sugar said...

hi girlie! glad you made it. it'll be tough at first, but we'll get the hang of it (i hope). lol

Anonymous said...

Howdo pet

Jan said...

Hi Lainie ,hope you get this if not Idoing it wrong and you wont know anyway ,good luck with your new blog Jan xx

Janice said...

Waiting for the poems