Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wednesday evening.

I'm actually sitting down at 6.00pm!! Ive finished all my jobs. Done my hoovering, done my cleaning, done the dinner, washing up done by John, Joe delivered to his guitar lesson!! Now I have two hours to sit and do what I want til I pick Joe up again. How I love it when I get so tidy, everyone fed with favourite dinners and the dog has been walked too!!!

I had a lovely afternoon at my creative writing class. The work I did there is in my Creative Writing blog today. Our tutor gave us a scene and asked us questions about it and I came up with the short little story I put on my blog. I could take it further and do so much with it! I might and I might not - depends how I feel!

My only day off this week is going to be Sunday. And guess what, I got asked to work on Sunday! I said no!!!! As much as I would like the money I really do need a day off.

It's Hastings week this week in jolly ole Hastings it is!!! Its celebrating 1066 and all that! We have a huge torch lit procession and huge huge display of fireworks on the seafront saturday night! yay!! Also there is always the biggest bomb fire you have ever seen! Its a really good night and we have been every year that we have lived here. There will also be one in Battle soon too but that one gets a bit scary, silly people tend to throw fireworks around, not good!

My John goes away tomorrow for one night! He is going to Barcelona for work - he hates it - he has to take clients out and pretend to enjoy their company. Wish it were me and him going together!

Right now Im off to do nothing! Just nothing!

Laine xx


Jeannette said...

Yes, it is nice when all is done and you can truly relax.

Joan said...

Surely they knew Sunday was your only day off!!! You need to have time to yourself and the family.....I know what it is like with one of us working non stop, namely Robbie - we forget what one another looks like!!! Take care 'Lainey, love Joany Joan

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

That's my favorite time of day as well when all the "Mom I needs" are quited down. Enjoy your time at the Hasting and your day off. Take care and enjoy your hump day as well,

Melissa said...

u been on a roll today huh..I have days like that sometimes, lol

Sara said...

Fancy coming to tidy at my house hon? I'm a messy mess this week. I would make you lots of cups of tea in payment :o)


Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog i look forward to reading yours.
Jenny <><

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hey there girl...hope you can squeeze in some relax time this weekend..hugs,TerryAnn