Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Tuesday blogspot

Hello all you bloggers!! Actually first of all I wrote bloogers - and I quite like that so I might just call us bloogers from now on!! I keep typing funny words - I must have funny word syndrome today!

Thank you all so much for all your lovely kind comments and the anti-tesco movements. If you live near Mr Brainwhispers and you share his Tesco - please don't buy the cabbage or eat it!! ahem!

Anyway, Im in a mood for my creative writing class tomorrow and I had to write a little piece about autumn so here it goes!! Although it's not very good so don't get excited.

"A beautiful red carpet lies beneath the shadows of the golden giants. The sun's rays shine on to the path giving a magical feel. The forest becomes friendly, elegant and grand. It's showing off it's final glory before the leaves hit the land."

It's only a small piece but I don't know what else to write. Im a bit stuck - writer's block. Also another book recommendation from lil ole me!! Stephen King's book called 'On Writing'. Very good to read if you like writing. Which we all do or we wouldnt have a blog!!!

Two days off for me now, yay!!!!! Not back to work til Friday and Saturday!! I love my days off!!! Im at Science class tomorrow morning, then creative writing in the afternoon, then on Thursday Im at another course to do with teaching.

Anyway, I hope I manage to get round to you all soon - but my puter is a bit slow and keeps going off line!!! So I will try.

Laine xxxxx


Sara said...

Cabbage? What's that Brainwhispers bloke up to now?! :o)

Liked your Autumn thingie hon, and hope that you have a restful couple of days off.

D said...

I notice that those blogs with music load extremely slow.. mine included.. maybe I will rethink that it is so graphic intense ya know?

Stuart said...

Excellent book you have read. Good to read at last

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I really enjoyed your reads and shall return. Brainwhispers always up to something!
Take care and enjoy,

Melissa said...

*hugs* droppin in to say hello

Jeannette said...

Just dropping by. Yes, I am getting used to bloggers as a word now as well.

Sugar said...

just stopping by to let you know the comment you left me was on a transfered post from aol, from last year. :) so don't worry.