Friday, 7 November 2008

Another weekend.

John and I have the weekend to ourselves again. Really looking forward to it. John has been so stressed lately and tonight he is in a very good mood and even dancing round the room as we speak. (He will probably get on my nerves now!).

Tomorrow we plan to go and see John's daughter Emma for lunch. We will meet her in Maidstone and we are going to go to an Italian restaurant called ZiZi's. I was going to meet her on my own but thought it would be nice for John to see her as well. After all, it is his daughter! I expect I will have a day with her soon so we can catch up on girlie stuff. I hope so.

I've been still talking to John about another dog. I've been looking at Rottweiller puppies and Golden Retriever puppies! Awwww so gorgeous. I wonder what Oscar would prefer. I know John would prefer another Goldie. Anyway, a long way off yet.

Today I had my friend's little girl, Livvy, round to make Christmas Cards with me. We got into a mess and had fun. It was lovely to be with a little one again doing stuff together. She is only 7. It was lovely, reminded me of when I was working at the school, the nice bits.

Did about nuclear fission today in Science I did! Its all rather involved this physics stuff. Not sure I will ever get it all! Some of it is sinking in. We have got the exams in January! Then it will all be over, no more science classes. Quite sad really!

Anyway, have a good weekend all.
Laine xxxx


Jeannette said...

Have a lovely time at the restaurant. I am glad Poppy found a good home. Happy weekend.

Jenny said...

Hope all goes well, have a good weekend.
Jenny <><

Winivere said...

Have an awesome weekend!! Sounds like fun.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Sonya said...

Have a good time at lunch and is John still dancing around? lol I think that calls for a video. lol

Melissa said...

droppin by, checking in, hope you have a great weekend

Connie said...

Oh -get a Rott-you won't be sorry-they are the most loyal loving dear dogs you'd ever want..especially females--males are fine ,my son has had them -but I've only had females and they are sooo sweet.
Yes-that was Jen on the tag-I had her ex(Mr.Pitt) in mind when I did that saying,LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

thats good he is seeing his daughter lol. And atleast your know some of the work so they cant say you dont know anything!