Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A decsion about Poppy has been made

Hello everyone.

John and I have talked and talked. We have both decided together not to have Poppy. But....... there is a but! My best friend, Maria, is thinking of having her instead. She has always wanted a dog and she said to me that if I decide not to have Poppy then she would have her. I still really want Poppy but its not the right time. John can't get his head round it - too much going on for him at the moment. He also has his heart set on another Goldie. We would both have to be happy to welcome Poppy into our home and as I knew that Maria would give her a lovely home too I have decided Maria should have her! I will get to still take Poppy out with Oscar and I will also look after Poppy when Maria goes away. That's if Maria decides to have her. Maria and I will go see Serena tomorrow, Serena is Poppy's mummy. Serena is an old friend of Maria and I. I'm happy about this. Will fill you in on what Maria decides.

Love Laine xxx


Sandra said...

Hi Laine,

How lovely for you all. Poppy will get a good home and you will get to see her too. I understand that you would want another goldie. A customer came in today and brought his 9 yr old goldie with him. He was absolutely gorgeous (the dog not the you would have loved him, he was so handsome. While I was scanning the barcodes of the plants he kept pushing his big black nose into my face and I had to stop and stroke him, which made him do it all the! You would have loved him. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Melissa said...

I hope Maria takes Poppy

Jan said...

Iam pleased you and John have come to a decision about Poppy ,Im sure she will be happy with Maria Jan xx

Sugar said...

so glad poppy's found a good home, a forever home i hope.
wise decision, if johns not ready, it's best she not come there. but you'll still get to see her, & lavish her with love. :)

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, In any case Poppy will be looked after properly and you will be able to see her and maybe she can become a friend of Oscar anyway. As I wrote before, having a dog is a big tesponsibility. Having two, double as much. Ciao. Antonella

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hello Laine,
As long as Poppy goes to a good home all hearts will be satisfied. Take care and enjoy your day,