Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday and Laine talks back

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind, kind thoughts. Some of you asked stuff so Im just gonna answer now.

Missie: I have never heard of Ambian, do I get it over the counter?

Jeannette (travels): I will try the foetal position tonight, that makes sense! Not sure what it was called, they put a huge needle into my spine and then they pumped this stuff in and it was the worst pain ever!! Never did me any good! Yes and I had an awful headache after too. Thank you for your prayers.

Sara Sara: Yeah that’s just it, it baffles my John how I do manage to get round. It doesn’t seem to restrict my movements but I haven’t worked out yet which movements make it worse!

Mort: Im not sure if a tens machine would work or not as the pain is intermittent, it like pulses. The pins and needles aren’t like a pain, are they?

Jeannette: Yeah I think it is the sciatic nerve trapped and I have the feeling that the nerve is so damaged they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it now. I might go back to the doctors but Ive had so many years of being pushed and prodded about with no solutions it puts me off. So do you have a Pogo account?

Antonella: Awwwww you had a bad night too! Yeah we should have had a chat on the phone or a game of something! Hope your back is better today. You have a lovely weekend too.

Stuart: Thank you! And, Im just about to order my Bible from Amazon!

I gave you all a nice colour I hope you like them!

I did struggle to get up this morning. Why is it that I was so comfortable this morning and could have slept for hours more! Not fair! John was a sweetheart, as usual, and took the kids to school for me so I could get ready for work at my leisure. He is lovely to me. He also said that it might be worth me going back to the Doctors. I just hate them prodding me about and then not coming up with anything, they dont seem to listen to me either - for the last 5 years Ive got fed up trying to explain how I feel over and over again to different doctors.

Work was hard going as we were so quiet. I went on Blogger and Facebook but I had to keep being descreet about it. I finished at one and John came and met me for lunch so that was nice.

After meeting John, I went to see my friend Laura who suffers from Bipolar, she has a blog but not written in it much lately as she has got herself a new job. Im really proud of her. Laura if your reading this hunni, I love you and Im proud of you for doing so well in your new job! Here is her link incase you havent visited her yet . Im trying to encourage her to write more, she is so good at it.

I've not got to work tomorrow. That's good, now I could get used to having Saturdays off! I'm back to work on Monday cleaning the lodges again. I might try and have a tidy up indoors. The house is such a mess with stuff everywhere. Ive still got all my paintings stacked up everywhere and books galore. John is so good, he has never moaned about all my clutter. We have a huge house but nowhere to put it all! What I would like is a desk. Then I could put all my stuff in it and hopefull keep more tidier!

Have a great weekend everyone. I probably wont write again til Monday.

Love Laine xxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I suffered for years with back pain and learned to be very careful in what I do and don't. thankfully the constant pain stopped and now only bothers me occasionally. The doctors I saw tried all kinds of stuff ( no surgery) treatments and pills and shots. I attribute it to the job I was doing at the time. They didn't think so. Anyway I'm careful of lifting and bending. Hope yours goes away too. 'On Ya'-ma

Jan said...

I so sympathise with you I have had bad backs on and off for years ,Certainly stops you in your tracks! I hope you get some good sleep and have a lovely weekend Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine I hope your back problems get resolved ~ there is nothing worse than a painful back ~ your John is such a love ~ you are so Lucky to have him ~ Ally x

Sara said...

Aww, you made me purple, thankyou Lainey Laine :o)

Enjoy your day off tomorrow m'dear, hope you sleep better tonight.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

Ambien is a sleeping pill... it's pretty potent... I have to take it, otherwise I don't sleep. At all. And it's impossible to work six days a week without sleep!

Hope you feel better!

Missie said...

Ambian is a sleeping pill that works very well. You need a prescription for it. You can look it up online.

I started not sleeping at night and now, when I take it, I'm alseep within 15 minutes and I sleep thru the whole night.

Melissa said...

thats what I hate about dr.s I feel like they dont know what they are doing and they just use us for trial and error