Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday evening

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I will try get round to all your journals this evening. I've just woke up after a lovely kip on the settee with my favourite blankie! I felt like a little child all cozy and curled up in front of the tv. We had been out all day and when we got back I just felt so tired, I wanted to crash so I did! I dont normally sleep during the day. Was a lovely sleep it was.

Today we went over to Eastbourne to find the boys a winter coat each. I could not believe how difficult it was to buy coats for teenagers. The childrens section in nearly every shop we went to finish at age 12 then you go to the adult section and they are too big. Where are the teenage clothes???? ARRRRRGGGH it drove me mad - we tried so many shops. In the end Sam said he would carry on wearing the coat he has - I was a bit sad about that as it is getting scruffy now! But he insisted and I could understand him being fed up. We found one for Joe in the end in JJB Sports! Its a really nice coat - I just hope he wears it. Teenagers dont like wearing coats! But it is going to be very cold!

Then we went to Bonners the music store. Its a beautiful store. Full of every musical instrument you could dream of. Sam wants a Bass guitar for Christmas and he still had money left over from his birthday in September. Joe also wanted a new electric guitar and seeing as its his birthday next week and will be getting lots of money we bought him one. Sam got his Bass Guitar and an amp. They are beautiful guitars. I have two very happy boys now! They both owe John loads of money now but they dont mind as they would rather have them now than wait.

We went to Joe's guitar school yesterday. It was brilliant to see the Grade 6 students playing. Joe is grade 3 at the moment but feels it is too hard and might go down to grade 2 in January. He did jump in at Grade 3 and it was a bit much as he has a lot of theory to learn. I was very surprised to see a friend of mine there who I went to college with and it turns out that his brother runs the guitar school. What small world!! Its a fantastic guitar school. Joe loves his lessons there. I really wish I could afford for Sam to go too. Joe has been playing for 7 years and I can't stop his lessons now but I also cant afford to pay out for both of them. Im so lucky that Sam understands. I have to pay out £240 for every ten lessons Joe has. I have asked Sam to ask his Dad to pay for him. His Dad was supposed to be helping me with Joe's. Im not stopping Joe's even if I have to scrape the money together as I know he has a talent and I want him to do well.

Im at work tomorrow. All of a sudden I dont have much work anymore. Its hard not having much work. I feel bad not bringing any money in. Specially at this time of year. But then everyone is in the same boat at the moment! Anyway, I've decided to find out about the PGCE definately as it is now in Hastings. I will phone up tomorrow. I will!

Oh, Stuart Im not sure I like WOW its scary! Im absolutely rubbish at it - I cant even get my person to walk properly!!! hee hee. Ive died so many times!!! Oh, and my bible hasnt arrived yet either - I emailed the company to see where it has got to!

Laine xx


Sugar said...

wanted to come by & check up on you. sounds as if you're staying busy!
have a good week.

Laura said...

hello you sound cosy on your sofa cant wait for mine to turn up joe is really good on his guitar its lovely he has such enthusiasm for a musical instrument i wish i could play something musical speak to you soon love laura xx

Melissa said...

its always nice to cuddle up when its cold.*hugs*

Stuart said...

my daughter and I are now playing together on WOW it is a dream game!

Chrissie said...

Glad the boys got some new instruments how exciting for them. Sorry the coat searching was bust. I remember having problems finding clothes in between. My kids usually wear a lot of Columbia coats really warm you might be able to look them up on the net. That stuff is like waterproof and warm. My kids wouldn't wear coats either, but they wear those. Teens are into hoodies over here. I've never played WOW, but my son plays it online with his friends all the time. I don't know the first thing about it.
Take care and enjoy your blankets and rest.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

try for some good, sturdy coats. They have cool stuff. I dont know what the cost of shipping all the way 'cross the pond would be...

Does kip = nap?


Ally Lifewithally said...

Laine how lovely both boys are into music ~ perhaps Joe could teach Sam some of the things he learns !!!! ~ and what a lovely boy Sam is to understand ~ hope work picks up ~ so you can earn some extra cash ~ especially at this time of the year ~ Ally x