Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hello at 4am

Guess what? I'm awake in the middle of the night again. That makes a change doesn't it!

I had a bad night last night, and the night before, and the night before that! It's becoming a habit now! I really need a whole night's sleep. I think now I'm actually getting to the stage where I'm worrying about it so much I don't relax enough to sleep at night. Least I havent got to work tomorrow.

I worked everday this week, so you'd think I'd be tired as I'm not used to working everyday. Yesterday, I went into work and my boss, Chris, says you are in the office. I was mortified as I hadn't prettied myself up in my office uniform and done my hair and make-up. I was in my cleaning uniform. Still it was better than cleaning and I get paid more! But, I hated going into reception not looking the part! You see I have two uniforms, one is a lovely suit, all very smart and I wear a lovely pink top with it. Then, I have my cleaning uniform which is a green t.shirt, green sweatshirt and black combat trouser, which have bleach all down them! Oh well, my boss said I looked lovely to him! He is always telling me I'm his favourite, kinda creepy! Makes me want to vomit! It does! I don't like him, he looks like the guys from 118, 118, we call him Borat or 118. But he tries his best I suppose. I reckon I could do his job better than him! Oh well.

Tonight we have the leaving party for my boss Chris and Terry. They are the current housekeeper and caretaker at Crowhurst. They are my cleaning bosses. Such lovely, lovely couple. I will miss them so so much. We have the do at Crowhurst tonight. Everyone will be there. They have been at Crowhurst since 1998. Ive worked with them for 6 years. Chris has been so good to me. She got me in the office and gives me lots of hours. Our new housekeeper and caretaker have arrived and Chris and Terry are now moved off the park into their new flat. But, they don't finish til the 20th. They are showing the new couple the ropes first. It won't be the same without them. But, we have to give the new couple a chance. They come with not a good reputation. Let's hope it won't change work too much. We all love our little cleaning job. At least my boss is not changing in the office. Im quite lucky I work in two departments.

We have little Poppy with us this weekend. I really luvs little Poppy. She is a beautiful, kind, very intelligent dog. She has been no bother whatsoever. Oscar does not mind her being here one bit. He is just ignoring her. She keeps trying to kiss him and he just moves his head away defiantly. Its a shame the weather is so atrocious. I have to let them out into the garden separately or there would be a mud bath! I'm lookng forward to taking them out later today. I'm wondering if they will be alright left together when we go out or I do have the option to take Pops back to her house while we are out. Still if I had had her as my own I would have had to have left her with Oscar. Awwwwwwww she is just the cutest. She got up with me and keeping me company. Oscar never gets up when I cant sleep. Nothing wakes him up in the middle of the night. Also I cant believe how big Oscar is. Poppy is quite a small dog really, makes Oscar look huge!

Anyway, hope you are all ok, sorry Ive not been reading much lately. I will try visit this weekend.

Laine xxx


Chrissie said...

Heck you're on my schedule I stay up here until 5am sometimes it is awful. Hope you finally get some rest and can sleep regular.
Take care, Chrissie

Stuart said...

I was up till 3! But I was reading!

Sonya said...

Well, I sure hope that you find some sleep. I know this is irritating. I've gone thru a spell with that - happening at really exciting times or times of worry. Normally I sleep well. Get some comfy pillows and make a nice nest - maybe play some soft music or one of those noise makers that plays rain or ocean or just white noise. Don't ever work or study in the bedroom. These are all tips I've heard. Good luck.

louise said...

I was up at 4am ...shouting at 12 year old boys having a sleepover( or No-sleepover). Have a good day with the doggies. Louise xx

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Isn't it fun wearing two hats at work. Hoping a good nights rest comes to you soon. Enjoy your party - take care and have fun,

mortonlake said...

hope you get some sleep tonite laine tc mort

Sara said...

Hope you get you some sleep soon m'dear, lack of sleep makes you feel horrible doesn't it.
Have a wee ((( hug ))).

Missie said...

I have trouble sleeping at night, and I'm not supposed to take my Ambian every night. Well, if I don't take it, I'm up to 3 sometimes 4am.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Melissa said...

sorry u havent been able to sleep, i had a hard time sleeping lastnight

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel with the sleep thing. I will go to sleep and wake up on the hour every hour or will just sleep for 20 to 30 mins then wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. It really dose suck. Last night I finilly got a whole nights sleep without waking up or anything. :) I hope that last!

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, I guess that, like you, I do not need so many hours' sleep as when I was younger, but it is horrible not to be able to sleep if you are in pain. Yesterday I fell asleep with my ipod on. Actually it belongs to my son so this morning I've had last Killers' song in my head for ages!!!Hope you've slept better Saturday night. Ciao. Antonella