Saturday, 15 November 2008


I didnt think I would be writing over the weekend and here I am!

I just ordered my book for my bible study with Stuart. I gots me a nice pink one! Hope it's the right one! I need this at the moment - I need a comfort and Stuart is helping me. Thank you Stuart. Why do I need it? I don't even know myself! Wierd! Everyone gives me a strange look when I say I'm going to read the bible. But, when I hear my journal friends talking about their love of god and what they read in the bible comforts them, then I want to know why. I want to know more. I'm very interested and its for me. If I tell my friends that I'm buying a bible and learning stuff they turn their noses up and say what? They think I'm going wierd. My Nan, god rest her soul, always told me that God would look after me and I believed her, I still do. She always said that we were all God's children. I miss my Nan so so much. She was the best. I've missed her now for 14 years. Love you my wonderful Nan.
I've decided to delete my Creative Journal. I'm going to delete it because it makes me feel that I've got to write something for it. If I do do any creative writing I can always post it here anyway.
I want to buy a new game. I really need something that will keep me busy but not too complicated but not boring. I really need one I can play on my laptop or one I can play on my DS. Anyone got any suggestions? I've not played on my DS for so long but I'm very reluctant to get rid of it. I am really, really in to my ipod touch at the moment. I just wish I had bought one with 16GB, mine has 8 and I have put some films on it and there is only 2GB left. The films on the ipod touch are fantastic, especially good when you cant sleep at night. I just reach out for it and I have a film to watch without waking John up.
I think I'm addicted to itunes! I just want to buy everything on it. I'm also addicted to Waterstones. Why do I want to buy a new book all the time! I just love new books. The smell of them, the feel of them, the look of them! I have so many that Ihavent read yet. Can't help buying them though! I really want the new Stephen King book! In fact, I would love to own all that he has ever wrote!
My friend texted me, the one with the new Mercedes, she and her husband are coming over to see us on 22nd Nov. Do you know what she said! She said can we arrive early so that I can see her 'Beast' in the daylight! (Her new car she means). She really doesnt have a clue does she! How am I going to show any excitement for her when it really does not mean a thing to me. It will be very hard! I am pleased for her, I just wish she wouldnt keep going on about it. Its boring to be honest! If I sat and enthused about all the books I want to read and the latest one I had bought she would not have one ounce of interest. Fast cars, expensive jewellery, perfume, shoes, clothes are not my thing! Sorry they dont interest me one bit. Ok, if Im going to a wedding or a special occasion. I prefer the simple things in life. If I had enough money to buy a Mercedes I would adopt a child that needs a loving home. I really would.
Laine xxx


Sugar said...

Bless you dear, studying God's word & applying it in your life can be so fullfilling.
TY for coming & signing my GB, tell Oscar the girls are inviting him to come over & sign with a woof too. They like seeing their furr pals. :)
Have a blessed Sunday.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Here's my thing: even if I get to the end of my life and find out that everything I believed in, as far as God, afterlife, etc, isn't true... then my time here on earth will have been happier and better spent because of following God. Reading the bible can be a bit like eating an elephant - a bit overwhelming - and how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I suggest that you start with Proverbs... read the chapter that corresponds with the calendar day... and just enjoy the wisdom that comes, just like you would appreciate an interesting quote. I believe that God's Word never returns void - by that, I mean that when you read it, powerful things will happen... I believe you will find answers and encouragement and strength and wisdom... and so much more... and if nothing else, you will have a frame of reference for what other people are talking about!
Good luck!

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, I'm sure that reading the Bible can only do one's good and maybe you can get some strength out of it too! With regard to DS games, I like Sight Training, I find it less boring than the Brain Training because you can train on sports as well. I sometimes play on my daughter Cooking Mama, but do not tell anybody! You should have found an excuse not to see your "rich" friend. She'll probably bore you to death and upset you too. Well, I see you are a good soul. Do not raise to the bait though. Show youself superiore. Take care Ciao. Antonella

Jan said...

There is nothing wrong with ,owning a pink bible Ihave three and they are all boring black ,I know just what you mean about the friend and her material things I dont care what car we have as long as it goes and gets me to the charity shop to look through their books lol visit my blog sometime Jan xx

Delores Getmeslippers said...

I don't like your friend Lainey. She has gone on and on about the merc too much and now she wants you to see in in daylight. Humph! Suggest she gets a Geewiz, the little electric car, much more ecologically sound. Tell her if she brought a pink one round for you to see you would have an orgasm!!!

Melissa said...

oh my goodness, that is such a pretty pink bible. I think thats great that you want to know and learn about God. He's the best. Whenever everyone else turns there backs on u he will still be there. I need to get back to reading my bible again. I love books too. I just got one for my birthday but im not gonna read it until my birthday I know im weird but thats how I am. Im not into all the gltizy and expensive stuff either. Even if I had the money I cant see myself spending that much money on stuff. I have a hard time now even spending $100 on a phone for myself when I can get one for less, lol.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad Stuart got you interested and you have that GOOD NEWS. Start reading ! Not all the books seem interesting at first , but in relationship with each other they do tell a great story!
God is love and He loves us all so much. 'On Ya'- ma

Sonya said...

Oh how wonderful to be reading the Bible. Hold on to your faith. And God fills you with so many "blessings and knowledge" when you hunger for his word. You will truly be blessed by it. Having God and knowing he is there for me in this life and the one after is the one true thing that is steadfast. Man fails us- as humans we are all erroneous at times and we let each other down. I can feel God's presence as if he were my best friend here by my side. He whispers (not really but I can imagine it) to my soul that "all is going to be ok". So wonderful!
And Stuart is wonderful and helpful...such a great guy! If you ever get a chance to read anything by Beth Moore, do so. She has been such a help to my life.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I still have the same bible I have had for years. It's a white one and it's stays on my dresser beside my bed. I think I need to start reading it again! :)

Anonymous said...

I still have the same bible I have had for years. It's a white one and it's stays on my dresser beside my bed. I think I need to start reading it again! :)

Stuart said...

people think you are nutty when you start to read the bible - common to us all.
True friends stick around!
Try World of Warcraft.
My Sarah asked about today and five hours later she looked up and said I will need to go home! And you meet such nice people.

Winivere said...

Have no clue as to who is mocking you for wanting to get closer to God. Makes me wonder how people who don't know God make it in life. How horrible not to believe in anything greater than yourself. How small is that?! If it were not for my Faith, I don't think I would still be here! Lovely pink color, GF. I have 2 Bibles. One is a white Precious Moments Children's Bible because it is easier to understand. The other is a tiny pink Bible of the New Testament that I carry in my purse.

Sara said...

Sorry I'm late Lainey Laine... take no notice of what anyone else thinks m'dear, if learning about the Bible and God brings you comfort then it can only be a good thing. Your pink Bible is so pretty too :o)

I feel a little sorry for your friend, if her car is the only thing she has to feel proud about. That's quite sad really.

Happy Monday hon :o)