Monday, 9 January 2012


Quite a productive day today. I've got a lot of things done.

I told John about the possibility of Joe's ex being pregnant. He didn't really say alot as he was getting ready for work. I told Sam, with Joe's permission, and Sam was much the same as me, we cant really think about it until we know if she is or not.

I spoke to the Chrysalis lady, she has made sure that we meet on Thursday at the school so that we can discuss the next steps with Patrick. It feels like I'm getting support now. My FISS (Family Intensive Support Service) forms went in today, so I will be getting their help soon too. It makes it so much better when you know your going to get help.

Oh nooooooo I just deleted' twice!!!! Grrrrrrr I give up now! :(

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Sara said...

It does make all the difference when you know that you have support, doesn't it. So glad for you, and for Patrick :o)