Friday, 13 January 2012

Thursday late

It very late ten past midnight Thursday night or should I say Friday morning.

I'm not sleeping very well. My sciatica is bad enough, but my restless leg are getting much worse. I wonder if it's all the medications? With the amount I take at night I should be zonked and I'm not. Quite a worry really. If it carries on I'll go to the doctors again.

I've been downloading Ebooks. Just downloaded one that's called Before I Go to Sleep. It's started off quite well. I haven't actually got into a book for ages. I'm hoping I can stick with this one. I'm still not sure about these eBooks though. I really do love holding the real thing. It's not the same turning the pages on an iPad.

I could scream I'm so tired! Physically my legs won't stop moving but my mind is so so tired!

Have a good weekend all.


Sara said...

I enjoyed that book :o)

I'm not sleeping so well at the moment either, though it's my mind that's active and my body that's tired. We should swap minds, then at least one of us would get some sleep!

Hope you get off soon, m'dear x

LYN said...

I've ordered that same looks great..have a good weekend!!

lunarossa said...

Hi Laine, didn't know you were back blogging. Haven't been much on it either. Hope you had a good Christmas and if someone really deserves that's you! Hope everything will be sorted out with Joe. A great admiration for what you are doing for Mr P. I could never do something like that in a million years! Hope your pains are not too bad...All the best. Ciao. A.x